Shadow-Jitsu: Instructional

Joey Alvarado
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Instructional / How To Videos

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“Shadow-Jitsu” Instructional is led by Joey Alvarado, and it demos the primary bodyweight exercises for the series of mixed martial arts workouts. Instructions are clear, exercises are broken down to a basic level and demoed slowly, then in regular time. There are progressions demoed for exercises, so beginners-advanced will have a variation to work with. Joey also explains the application of some exercises in MMA. The name of each exercise is displayed on screen. There is a variety of ballistic movements: rolling movements, get-ups, jumps, along w/ punch, kick & knee strike variations.

Set: filmed in part of gym/studio (white walls, gray mat flooring, heavy bags in corner).

Cast: one male background exerciser

Exercises (23:47 min.)

Fighting Stance: MMA stance, front foot faces forward, rear foot at angle. right hand eye level, other at chin level, chin is down.

Skipping Knee Drill: Beginner version: bent arms in front of body, hands crossed> knee strike/lift, step, other foot steps rear into split leg stance. Knee strike/lift, fast switch of feet into split leg stance.

Alternating Knee Drill: alternating knee lift w/ same side arm throw back, step, other leg step rear into split leg stance.

Machine Gun Kick Drill: kicks to front (w/ rear leg) w/ arm throw back (same side, other side is bent & cross body), other leg hops (on ball of foot) w/ each kick.

1-2 Switch Knee Drill: jab, cross, switch feet, knee strike/lift, foot steps back into starting position (fighting stance).

1-2-1 Double Right Kick Drill: jab, cross, jab> Machine Gun Kicks, foot steps back into starting position (fighting stance).

Alternating S-Drill/Mount: start seated w/ bent knees (one in front, other in back: S shape)> hinge at hips, bend arms, lower head to floor, then lift upper body a bit & swing legs around to S-shape on other side, alternating sides.

Deck Squat: demos standard & ballistic version (add jump at top of exercise).

Rolling Pistol Drill (single leg deck squat): roll onto back w/ bent knees, roll into single leg squat & use hands to stand up (or no hands for standard version).

Scorpion Progression
Standard Scorpion- start prone (face down) on floor w/ hands out to sides> alternate leg lift and cross/reach (bent leg) over other leg to tap to floor.

Scorpion twist- perform 1 rep standard Scorpion, then lift body upright into seated bent knee position (S-shape) w/ torso twist, alternating sides.

Scorpion thrust- perform Scorpion twist & add hip heist (lift hips w/ one arm overhead), alternating sides.

Scorpion Get-Up- perform Scorpion thrust, and stand up, reverse motion, alternating sides.

Hip Heist (combines w/ sit-up) Drill: start supine w/ arms & legs extended, lift to seated position w/ bent knees, feet flat on floor, one hand on floor> lift hips (to the side) w/ one arm overhead, alternating sides.

Upa Drill: start supine w/ bent knees, lift hips & roll over shoulder into kneeling position> place other hand on floor to roll back into starting position. Ballistic Upa Get-Up: add jump (pop up) to standing position, after rolling into the kneeling position.

Granby Roll: start seated w/ bent knees> lower one arm to rear, and roll body (onto neck & shoulders) to other side (end up in seated, starting position), legs stay extended to front entire time, alternating sides.

Ninja Roll Progression (aka Backward Peak Out Drill)
Backward Peak Out- start supine, lift legs over one shoulder onto bent knees w/ same side arm flat on floor (other ben), brief hold & lift head off floor for a peak/look, then reverse motion.

Backward Ninja Roll- perform Backward Peak Out and continue into upright position (lunge), reverse motion.

Backward Ninja Get-Up- perform Backward Ninja Roll and stand up, reverse motion.

Monkey Roll (Drill): start on all fours (knee held off floor)> lower one knee, roll to side (one back) into all fours, push off (entire body lifts), alternating sides.

Ballistic Back Roll: rock bottom squat, roll onto back, place hands on floor & push off floor, legs kick overhead into standing position.

Twista Deck Squat: on the roll forward into squat, cross legs, stand & turn to face other side, jump forward.