Combat Kettlebell Systems: Volume 1, Workout 2

Joey Alvarado
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Kettlebell

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Combat Kettlebell Systems “Workout 2” is led by Joey Alvarado, and consists of 4, 4 min. circuits w/ 8 exercises in each one. Each exercise performed for 30 seconds (no rest between), and a 60 second rest after each circuit is completed. There is a countdown timer for each exercise and for each rest between circuits. This workout (and the set of CKS workouts) is incorporated into a 6 week rotation (included on insert). There isn’t a warm-up prior to each workout on the DVD, but a written one included on the insert (10 mins. long, consists of 19 bodyweight exercises), and there is no cool-down (on DVD or written, cool down or stretch on your own).

This workout incorporates more challenging kettlebell exercises (snatch, overhead squat, Turkish Get Up), and introduces more of the Joey's Jitsu bodyweight exercises. There is a good cardio effect (explosive lifts & rolling exercises) and core focus w/ the floor exercises. I enjoyed it, has a a variety of exercise, good flow and the 30 seconds per exercise time frame works well.

Cast: one male, one female

Set: filmed in corner of space w/ black flooring, red & black walls

Equipment: single bell, mat

Workout 1

Circuit 1
High Pull
Arm Bars
High Pull, other side
Slip Drill
Snatch, other side
Slip Drill, other side

Circuit 2
Deck Squats
Hindu Push Ups
Snatch/Overhead Squat
U Drill
Snatch/Overhead Squat, other side
U Drill, other side
Alternating Swings
Arm Bars

Circuit 3
Turkish Get Up
Rocking Chair
TGU, other side
Upa Drill
Figure 8
Figure 8 w/ Stop
Sprawl & Roll

Circuit 4
Fighter’s Figure 8
Peak Outs
Arm Bars
Windmills, other side
Figure 8
Figure 8 w/ Stop
Fighter’s Figure 8