Combat Kettlebell Systems: Volume 1 Instructional

Joey Alvarado
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Instructional / How To Videos , Kettlebell

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Combat Kettlebell Systems “Instructional” is led by Joey Alvarado, is 22 mins. long and demoes 19 exercises of various kettlebell (mostly single bell) and Jiu Jitsu bodyweight exercises. The kettlebell lifts (swing, clean, high pull) have a different stance of legs than traditional KB exercises, split leg stance (parallel) or fighting stance (rear leg turned out, front faces forward), and most transition into pivot to face the side. The bells are used for floor exercises (held on lower abs, held in hands for rolling movements, balanced on for push-ups or sprawls) to increase intensity. Joey recommends that users don’t use heavy bells, as the workouts have many explosive movements (need to be able to move quickly & powerfully). He thoroughly explains & demos each exercise (breaks it down slowly) and then has one of the cast demo the exercise in real time. Joey also discusses how exercises are applicable in a fight.

Cast: one female, one male (alternate demoing exercises)

Set: filmed in corner of space w/ black flooring, red & black walls

Equipment: single & double bells, mat

Combat Kettlebell Systems Instructional (22:44 min.)
Arm Bar Drill (uses single bell): perform w/ bell placed on lower abs> alternate hip lift w/ rotation, the legs extended vertically & lowering legs in front of body.

Combat Cleans (uses single bell): 1-arm clean w/ pivot to side & front punch (start in parallel split leg stance).

Combat Swing (uses single bell): 1-arm swing in fighting stance (front foot forward, rear foot turned out to side)> back swing, weight on ball of rear foot w/ bent knees, then forward swing, heel placed on floor w/ straight legs.

Cross Over Push Ups (uses single bell): push up w/ one hand on side of bell, explode on lift of exercise & move to side while switching hand on bell.

Deck Squat Bridge (uses single bell): hold bell in goblet position> rock bottom squat, roll back into bridge (hip raise) w/ bell overhead on floor, reverse motion.

Kettlebell Double Legs (uses double bells): double “outside of leg” high pull in parallel split leg stance w/ rear leg stepping in to meet other, alternate sides.

Fighter Figure 8 (uses single bell): pass bell from one hand, under opposite leg to other hand, then pivot to face side & hook punch (other hand catches bell), alternate sides.

Flow Drill: jab, cross

Jab Drill: jab w/ weight shift forward, jab w/ weight shift back (on balls of feet entire time)

Overhand Punch (uses single bell): 1-arm high pull w/ pivot to face side (start in parallel split leg stance), other arm extends to front on lift/pivot.

Peak Out: start in plank position, then rotate body to one side w/ bent knee for static leg, other extend straight leg to side (heel on floor or leg held in air), one hand on floor (same side as extended leg), other overhead, alternating sides.

Rocking Chair: roll onto back w/ bent knees, w/ one leg turned out & foot tucked under other> roll forward into lunge position w/ a hip thrust to front.

Rocking Chair Get Up: perform RC, and stand up.

Slip Drill: start in split leg stance, pivot on rear leg to open it to side & reverse motion, upper body moves side to side w/ each pivot & there’s a small bend in knees w/ each side to side movement.

Snake Move: start supine w/ bent knees, turn to side (push off feet & move butt out to side) and body forms 90 degree angle (on the floor), legs are straight or a bit bent, the arms push/reach for the toes, alternate sides.

Sprawl & Roll (uses single bell): deck squat w/ bell, then from the roll forward into squat, either place bell on floor then sprawl or sprawl w/ hands on horn of bell.

Triangle Drill (uses single bell): start supine w/ legs extended on floor (bent or straight), bell rests on lower abs> open legs up (V- shape), lift hips, then quickly place the ankle of a turned out leg in back of the other leg’s knee (both legs have bent knees), alternate sides.

U Drill: start in split leg stance, rear foot has elevated heel> alternate bending knees & moving body side to side (follow U pattern w/ standing to bent to standing position).

Upa Drill (uses single bell): start supine w/ bent knees w/ bell held in goblet position, lift hips (bridge) & roll over shoulder into kneeling position> place bell on floor, then roll back into starting position.