Pure Barre

Carrie Rezabek
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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I have done a few other instructor's barre workouts and this is one of my favorites. The standing work was really tough, my legs were shaking & I had to stretch my standing leg a few times. My thighs were screaming by the time I was finished and my glutes were talking to me in the night. The core work was really good, she gets you to tuck while doing the small curls. Usually this style of core work bothers my back & hip flexors but somehow Carrie put this together where only my core was working hard and my poor back was happy. I really felt great after this workout and my pants actually feel looser this morning! I found the subdued set went great with this workout, it was better than bright lighting. I also liked the one-on-one instruction when I usually don't, it seemed to work best for this workout. The music was unassuming but seemed to really help me stay focused and on beat. This DVD is making me come back to barre workouts!

Instructor Comments:
I liked Carrie, she really seemed to be personally training me. She was encouraging and would let you know when an exercise is almost finished so you gathered up the energy to complete it. No small talk which can get tiresome after doing the workout over & over but lots of encouragement.



Performed in a studio setting, this 45 minute workout effectively tones the entire body. The techno beat of the music helps you maintain the proper rhythmn. Integrating isometrics into several fitness disciplines (pilates, ballet & traditional toning), the participant will enjoy maximum toning results in a short period of time. (the more effort you put into a move, the more "toning" benefits you'll receive) You'll need a mat, handweights (2 sets would be ideal, a lighter set for the smaller pulsing moves and a heavier set for the more traditional strength exercises) and a bar or chair for stability.

Carrie begins the workout with a basic warmup of several knee lifts. (it's very quick so to ensure the body is warm, I would recommend doing the workout after a cardio session or walk in place for a few minutes beforehand) Using your heavier dumbbells, Carrie performs more traditional exercises to 2/2 and single counts. The exercises include several versions of bicep curls, wide rows and shoulder presses. Next you'll grab your lighter weights and perform multiple exercises using small, precise movements. These really hone in on the muscle and offer additional shaping benefits. Lots of variety-from kickbacks to dips, pushups to planks, Carrie ensures all muscles of the upper body are worked.

The 1st bar (or chair) segment keys in on the thighs. Isometric holds & pulses work deep into the thigh area to tighten and define. Plies, deep knee bends, tucks, knee squeezes-you will feel it! Once this segment is complete, Carrie focuses on great lower body stretches for the hamstrings, quads and hip flexors.

The next bar session focuses on the glutes. Tiny leg lifts done in various positions target the entire backside. The movements are small but concise (proper execution of the movement really enhances the toning benefits). After repeating all the standing exercises with the opposite leg, Carrie moves to the floor for additional glute exercises. Performing the movements on all 4's, you'll keep legs straight, legs bent and legs turned out to shape the hamstrings as well as the buttocks. Carrie concludes this segment with a few more lower body stretches.

The final segment works the core. Maintaining isometric contractions, you'll work through multiple reps & ranges of motion to tone the entire abdominal wall. You'll see a fusion of pilates within some of the exercises.

I enjoyed this workout. It was tough and you could feel it working as you performed the exercises.

Instructor Comments:

Denise Ruble