Combat Kettlebell Systems: Volume 1, Workout 1

Joey Alvarado
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Kettlebell

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Combat Kettlebell Systems “Workout 1” is led by Joey Alvarado, and consists of 3, 3 min. circuits w/ 6 exercises in each one. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds (no rest between), and a 60 second rest after each circuit is completed. The exercises are a mix of kettlebell and MMA/Jiu Jitsu (bodyweight), and Joey assumes that the user has previous experience w/ kettlebells, as no basic exercises (swing, clean, goblet squat) are demoed in this workout or the tutorial (just his MMA hybrid lifts) but he does provide form pointers for all exercises (and proper breathing technique) in the workout. There is a countdown timer for each exercise and for each rest between circuits. This workout (and the set of CKS workouts) is incorporated into a 6 week rotation (included on insert). There isn’t a warm-up prior to each workout on the DVD, but a written one included on the insert (10 mins. long, consists of 19 bodyweight exercises), and there is no cool-down (on DVD or written, cool down or stretch on your own).

It’s a solid, short workout, and does not incorporating the more challenging KB or MMA exercises (basic exercises) to start off the set of the workouts (next two workouts are longer in duration of time w/ more challenging exercises/ complexity in sequencing of). One can repeat it for a longer workout (this is recommended as the weeks progress in the rotation), I used this as an add-on to my primary workout. I don’t know of many KB workouts than incorporate martial art exercises, so this set of workouts interested me. It is kind of a no frills set & production, but the instruction is good & the sequencing of exercises. Looking forward to trying the next two workouts in this set.

Cast: one male, one female

Set: filmed in corner of space w/ black flooring, red & black walls

Equipment: single bell, mat

Workout 1 (9 min.): I provided exercise description for those not in my previous review of the CKS instructional.

Circuit 1
Swings- 2 handed
Jab Drill
Jab Drill, other side
Goblet Squat
Rocking Chair

Circuit 2
Flow Drill
Dead Clean
Flow Drill, other side
Dead Clean, other side
Snake Move

Circuit 3
Alternating Cleans
Shoe Shine: fists circle each other (toward face, upper cut motion)
Goblet Squat/Curl(at bottom)/Press (w/ both hands)
Shoe Shine, other side
Alternating Clean & Press
Rocking Chair Get Up