Metamorphosis by Tracy: Omnicentric Continuity 1.1.10

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Total Body Workouts

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I am a high-intermediate/low-advanced exerciser in my mid-forties. I recently finished Meta Omni, and due to good results, and decided to move on to Continuity.

The review is for the first DVD, which includes three levels (Days 91-100, 101-110, and 111-120). The living room set used for the first 90-day Meta series is gone—Tracy is performing the moves on a plain white background. There is a very subtle odd smearing at the top of the screen—it looks a bit photoshopped when Tracy reaches upward. The camera work is more straightforward as well—there are some closeups of her hands/legs/feet, but no overhead shots of Tracy lying down. Because of this, it’s a bit harder to see what Tracy is doing sometimes.

The music (sadly!) is exactly the same as for the first 90-day series. I have to say that I am tired of this music!

As before, each level is about 30 minutes, and starts with arms/abs (about 10 minutes) and ends with legs (about 20 minutes). And as before, there are only cues for arms/abs and the first side of the legs.

Continuity is definitely more challenging than Meta. Tracy incorporates more balancing moves, where you are only using one arm or leg, or you are balancing on a three-pound weight. This is especially hard when you are trying to match her speed, which is quick! At the start of a level, I sometimes use the “slow motion” option on my DVD player or laptop (Quick Time software) to figure out the details of the exercises. I also keep my laptop on the ground in front of me, and have it mirrored/hooked up to the TV (through the HDMI cable) so that I can see the moves without craning my head around. I tried using a hand mirror with the TV (as some VFers suggested) but my mirror was too small.

On these three levels, I found the rep counts to be even (amazing!). But they achieve this through editing—they insert “fade to white” screens in between exercises. The technique is fine in principal, but sometimes these white pauses are really short, so there isn’t enough time to get into position for the next move without pausing (often Tracy appears already in position and begins performing the next exercise immediately).

I usually watch the routines in advance, and write out all the leg moves (I do the arms/abs with Tracy on the DVD). That way, I can count on my own and know what is coming (it helps me to get into the next position quicker). I usually do the first 5 days with the DVD, then do the last 5 days on my own with ankle weights. I start with 1.5 pound ankle weights, then move to 2.5 ankle weights when it’s no longer challenging with the lighter ones.

Here’s a breakdown of the leg moves for each of the three levels.

DAY 91-100
This is a very hard level due to the need to balance on a vertical 3lb-weight!
*All exercises done for 30 reps*

1_Get in an all fours position on bent knees for a two-part kick/kick.
Balance right hand on vertical 3lb. weight (this is hard!).
Left arm is out to the side in an airplane position.
Kick/kick the right leg in an attitude position (bent knee turned out) to a straight leg.

2_Stay in same all fours position (balancing on 3lb. weight) for a new two-part move.
Lift bent right leg out to side (fire hydrant) and extend straight at hip height.
At the same time, counterbalance by extending left arm into airplane wing.
Bend right knee and swing back to a 45° diagonal to the ceiling (keep knee bent).
When the right knee is swinging back, drop the left forearm/elbow to ground.

3_Get on two bent knees, and twist to a diagonal (face 45° to the right).
This is a “piston”/ 2-part move:
A: Stand up straight on knees, lower right hand and balance on the vertical 3lb. weight.
B: Left hand touches the ground while the right leg kicks up 45° to ceiling.

4_Get in all fours and two bent knees (no more balancing on the 3lb. weight, yes!)
Attitude kick to the ceiling (45°), alternating between the right and left sides.

5_Rocking horse move with two parts.
Begin in full plank position with the left knee on the ground.
A: Raise the left leg up at an angle on the inside, hooking the bent left knee in front of the straight right knee.
B: Return left knee to the ground; lift the right leg straight up in back.

Note: on this level, Side 2 is the video from Side 1 flipped—you can tell because the type that says “Tracy” on the mat is a mirror image.

DAY 101-110
No balancing on the 3lb. weight on this level (hooray!)
*All exercises done for 30 reps, except where noted*

1_Begin in an all fours position, left knee on ground.
Right leg alternates from an inverted attitude leg lift to a back attitude leg lift (keep right knee bent throughout).

2_Same position as above.
Inverted right knee lowers to hover above the mat, then kicks back into a back attitude leg lift, kicking at the top of the lift.

3_Same position as above, but left arm moves out (airplane wing) to the left side.
Right leg is bent and twisted so the right calf crosses over the left leg.
Touch right heel with left hand, then kick right leg up into an attitude leg lift (right knee faces out to side).
Fully straighten knee and kick at top of the lift.

4_Back to the all fours position with left knee on ground.
Right leg swings out to the side and right foot taps on the ground.
Right leg swings back across the left leg and kicks twice in the air (high then higher).
*This move for 40 reps*

5_Same position as before, but grasp right wrist with left hand.
Right leg moves from fire hydrant to back kick.
Fully straighten knee and kick at the top of the lift.
*This move for 40 reps*

6_Stay in all fours position, but cross right knee behind left knee.
Drop left forearm/elbow to the mat while right knee lifts up and kicks.
Knee is turned out to side during the lift/kick.
Fully straighten knee and kick at the top of the lift.
Rise up on left hand when the right knee returns to the crossed position.

7_Stay in all fours position with left forearm/elbow on mat.
Fire hydrant lift/kick to the side (at hip height) alternates with back leg lift in attitude (keep knee bent entire time).

8_Get in full plank position.
Invert right knee and tap on mat before lifting straight up in the back. (This move is in Precision Toning, in the Abs section).

DAY 111-120
An interesting level with more variety in the moves.
It’s hard to grip the 3lb. weight on the ground in the last exercises—not sure if there is a benefit to doing this. Sometimes I just rest my hand on the ground.
*All exercises done for 20 reps*

1_(begins at 11:40 on side one | 22:00 on side two)
”Piston” Move #1 - Stand on two bent knees fanned out, right hand on hip.
Drop left hand/3-lb. weight straight to ground.
Invert right knee to ground and rotate back up.
Lift weight up when knee is in starting position.

2_“Piston” Move #2 - Stay on bent right knee.
Drop left hand/3-lb weight to ground while performing an A/B/A kick.
Kick right leg straight out to side, tap foot in front, kick back out to side.
Raise left arm/weight overhead.

3_Reaching Lunge - Stay on bent right knee.
Reach right arm and weight through right knee, then turn left and extend weight underhand.
At the same time as the left arm reaches, extend right leg into a back lift—
(you’re aligned up and down with the long side of the mat).

4_Crouched Tap
Lunge right knee out to side.
Place right hand under knee and hook foot.

5_(begins at 15:40 on side one | 26:13 on side two)
A tricky four-part tricep move: A/B/A + C.
Step into right front lunge position while doing one overhead tricep lift.
Invert knee down while repeating tricep lift.
Revert knee to upright while doing the last tricep lift.
Then, kick right leg straight out while extending right arm/weight in front.
Left arm is in the air, out to the side (very hard to balance!)

6_Skipping Lunge/Plank
Stay in the right front lunge position—right arm has the weight.
Tap the right foot on the mat.
Right hand circles overhead to the front while you quickly drop into a full plank,
skipping the right leg back into a lift/kick.
Return to lunge position, rotating the right arm overhead back to the side.

7_Full Plank with Leg Lifts
Get in full plank.
Right hand rests on mat, gripping a 3lb. weight.
Move right leg out to a diagonal, and extend up and back at 45° to the ceiling.

8_Alternating Leg Lifts into Tapping Plank Lifts — Get on both knees.
Kick right leg back into attitude lift (keep knee bent).
Raise up into full plank and kick right leg up (straighten knee).
While raising up, tap left hand twice on the mat (away then closer).
(The intent is to make this a one-handed lift—do not allow the left arm to take weight).
Right hand grips the 3lb. weight while on the mat (I can’t do this, my hand/wrist gets tired).

9_Attitude Leg Pulses — Finally, a simple ending move!
Drop left forearm/elbow to ground.
Right hand grips 3lb. weight (I don’t do this, it hurts my hand/wrist).
Pulse leg in attitude lift.

Note: On this level (Day 111-120), it’s hard to mirror Tracy because some moves work best facing her. I start by moving my left leg for the first 4 exercises, then skip to the second half of the legs (26:13) to finish the last 5 exercises on the left leg. Then, I go back to the start of side 2 (22:00) to do the first 4 exercises on my right leg. Then, I finish up by going back to side 1 (15:40) to finish all the right leg exercises.

Instructor Comments:
On this DVD (all three levels), Tracy has long curly hair—and she is wearing pretty loud print capri pants. I like it, but the hair seems to get in the way sometimes. She is more serious, and there are few verbal cues (even fewer than in the first Meta 90-day series).