Custom3Fit Cardio & Strength Interval Circuit

Angie Gorr
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This is a 60 minute workout broken down into three 20 minute circuits. You can play the whole thing straight through or break it down into a shorter w/o from the chapter menu. The dvd is superbly chaptered and you can select a circuit, a cardio portion, or a strength segment to fit your needs. You will need dumbbells & an optional step for this workout. The 3 background exercisers perform various levels of each exercise so you can really work out at your own level along with one of them. They work out in a real gym.

Each circuit contains cardio, strength, & core work.You perform 3-4 cardio exercises, followed by 3-4 strength exercises, and finish with 2-3 core exercises. Each exercise lasts for 30 -60 seconds. Each exerciser starts with the lower intensity, but quickly move into their designated level- you repeat the circuits so you can easily jump right in the next time around.

Circuit One: Exercises variations include: hi knee run, squat or plyo squats, Mt climber or burppes, squats or squat off the bench adding a delt raise, balance front raise, ab twists, oblique side punches, & static lunges with bicep curls.

Circuit Two: Exercises variations include: skater add hi knee, overhead press 7 squat, lunge & shoulder raise, plank variations, weighted sit-ups, oh tri press, tri kickback variations, and static knee pulls or done on the step.

Circuit Three: Exercises variations include: side step or flying heel clicks, ham curl to butt kick runs, floor touch adding a hop, wide & hi rows with a static squat, back row & static squat, back flys, sit up & knee pulls, and pliet & bi curls.

This dvd truly offers a beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout all in one- just pick your modifier and dive in! Following the advanced exerciser and using moderate weights I got a great sweaty workout! Angie and friends use light weights but I found I could up the poundage (8-15 #'s) and still safely execute the exercises, and amp up my w/o. The strength work is very well rounded & I felt Angie hits all the muscle groups. She does a good job of changing up the tempo for variety & effectiveness. I received this dvd to review.