Total Body Boot Camp Metabolic Conditioning

Tracey Staehle
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This dvd has three 35-41 minute workouts on it. Each workout contains a warmup, workout, finisher, tabata drills, and a cooldown The dvd is chaptered very well and you can choose the tabata segments or finishers from the menu. You will need a variety of equipment for each workout but equipment options are always shown. The set looks like an actual bootcamp gym with 3 -4 background exercisers who all work out at their own pace. One exerciser shows exercise & equipment modifications. Tracey coaches some of the workouts and Dustin cocahes some. The warmup & cooldown are the same on each workout.

Workout One: Dustin coaches this 39 min cardio workout. You won't need any equipment for this. Each round consists of 30 seconds of (tough) work followed by 15 seconds of rest. There are a total of 6 exercises in each round & you do 4 rounds. Exercises include: burpees, squat hops, plyo lunges, plank jacks or plank moguls, Mt. climbers, and star jacks. 10/15 Finisher: squat hops & plank moguls for 8 rounds w/ a short rest between moves. Tabata 20/10: lying ab toe touches & ab leg scissors with a short rest between exercises.

Workout Two: Tracey coaches this 41 min strength & cardio workout. You will need a med ball, a KB or DB, and optional TRX and gliding discs. Each round consists of 4 exercises for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest performed for 4 rounds. Exercises include: roundhouse kick & squats, KB or DB frog squat jumps, med ball slam, and TRX squat jumps, TRX (gliding disc or no equipment) Mt. climbers. 10/15 Finisher: squat & plank frog hop-ins w/ a short rest between exercises for 8 rounds.Tabata 20/10: squat hops & static squat holds- no rest between moves for 8 rounds.

Workout Three: Dustin coaches this 35 min cardio + strength workout. You will need a band/tube and a med ball. This workout structure is you perform the same exercise 4 times for 50 seconds each with a 10 second rest between exercises. There are four different exercises and you get a longer rest period between each new exercise. Exercises include: med ball squat adding a hop, band pushups to Mt climbers, band lunge to plyo lunge, band squat & OH press to band jump squats. 10/15 Finisher: long leg ab holds & bicycles w/ a short rest between exercises for 8 rounds. 20/10 Tabata: hi knee sprints & burpees.

I rate these advanced workouts when using heavy poundage and W/O #1 is an advanced cardio workout! Love that its go at your own pace, LOVE the sequencing, love all the options/ modifications shown. The workouts remind me a bit of the S90 workouts- which I love. The sequencing & short rest periods allow you to really give it your all during the work periods. No wasted time but not rushed at all- you really make the most of your workout time in these. The time really flys by in these. Consensus: LOVE the set & can really see getting visible results!!! I received this dvd to review.



Total Body Boot Camp Metabolic Conditioning Tracey Staehle

If you love squats, these workouts are squat heaven! These three workouts are all done in a somewhat dark (but not gloomy) gym with several people exercising at various paces and using a variety of modifications. Its helpful to view the demonstrations before doing the workout so that you can choose which intensity and lead to follow. Although there are a couple of places in the first workouts where the camera moves from one backgrounder to another at an awkward time, for the most part the variety of modifications is not distracting. Putting two of these together (one warm-up and one cool down) is easy and it makes for a good hour long challenging workout.

WORKOUT #1 (no equipment) 39:04

Demonstration of moves (4:45)

Warm up (5:12)
Burpee, squat to stand (place hands on ankles, squat deep then straighten legs and repeat), high knee jog, front lunge w/rotation, curtsy lunge

Workout (20:56)
4 Rounds: [6 moves each round; 30/15 with 1 min. break between rounds]
1. Burpee
2. Squat jump
3. Lunge jump
4. Plank jack or plank hops
5. Mountain climber
6. Star jump

Finisher (3:25) 10/15 8 rounds (4 each exercise)
Squat jumps and plank jacks

Tabata (4:12) 20/10 8 rounds (4 each exercise)
Toe touches and scissors

Cool down (5:17)

WORKOUT #2 (40:45)

Demonstration of moves (8:37)

Warm up (5:12)
Burpee, squat to stand, high knee jog, front lunge w/rotation, curtsy lunge

Workout 2 (22:40)
4 Rounds: [5 moves each round; 40/20 with 1 min. rest between rounds]
1. Over/unders (crescent kick/dip and weave)
2. Kettlebell frog jump (squat jump with kettlebell between legs)
3. Med ball slam [press med ball up and then slam it down in a squat]
4. TRX jump squat [modification: weighted squat jumps instead of TRX, I used 3 lb. weights and performed the bicep curl/tricep extension move that is shown in body weight squat]
5. Mtn climbers [with either TRX or gliding disks]
[same 5 moves repeated each round]

Finisher (3:25) 10/15 8 rounds (4 each exercise)
Body weight squat and squat thrust (in outs)

Tabata (4:08) 20/10 8 rounds
Squat jump/hold low squat during 10 sec. rest

Cool down (5:17)

WORKOUT #3 (35:42)

Demo of moves (4:50)

Warm up (5:12)
Burpee, squat to stand, high knee jog, front lunge w/rotation, curtsy lunge

Workout (17:14)
4 Rounds [one move repeated 4 X in each round, 50/10 with 1 min. rest between rounds]
1. Medball squats, add a jump way through 4 rounds
2. Band push up, band mtn climber way through 4 rounds
3. Band lunge, add a jump way through 4 rounds [alternate R/L legs each round]
4. Band squat/overhead press, band jump squat way through
* tubing or dynaband can be used

Finisher (3:43) 10/15 8 rounds each exercise
1 inch ab holds and bicycle

Tabata (4:14) 20/10 8 rounds

Cool down (5:17)

For a helpful discussion of this workout, see the following GD thread:

Instructor Comments:
Tracey shares leadership with her trainer Dustin Linden. When Dustin isn't the main motivator, he offers the most advanced modifications of the moves. There are options in how to follow the instructors: you can turn on the motivational track (which has constant comments) or a track with just cuing.