Burn and Build

Paul Katami
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Kettlebell, Lower Body Strength , Step Aerobics

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Released in 2011
Workout type: Circuit
Level: Advanced
Length: 70 minutes with a bonus 20 minute ab routine
Set: Uncluttered with 3 background exercisers.
Equipment: A light kettlebell or dumbbell and a step.

Wow, this is a KILLER workout. Paul takes you through circuits that are 30 to 90 minutes in length, combining strength conditioning and cardio in innovative ways. There are no recovery breaks after each circuit, so I allowed myself to stop 10-15 seconds early to suck air. You do a lot of stepping on and off the step for side lunges, front lunges, back lunges, all the while holding the kettlebell and doing halos, bicep curls, rows, cleans, etc. One move is a side to side speed skater that you do 4x and then stop and do 2 rows with the kettlebell. Four more speedskaters, and you do the other side. There are 3 circuits that are just swings - 2 handed, 2 handed squatting side to side and one handed swings.

This workout kept my heartrate over 150 for its entirety. i was literally gasping for breath in spots. This workout will take me to a whole new level of fitness, that is for sure! I loved the variety and the fact that you don't do anything longer than 90 seconds! :) It would be easy to make this into a shorter workout because of this. Or, to pick and choose which circuits to do.

Instructor Comments:
Paul is encouraging without being over the top. There is no whooping! :) He does most of the circuits with you, but does walk around for some. His instruction is excellent and a separate instruction segment is included on the DVD.
I really like him and plan to get more workouts by him.

Peggy T