Element Hatha & Flow Yoga For Beginners

Tamal Dodge
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Yoga

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This dvd has two 30 minute workouts on it and comes with a nice yoga strap. Tamal works out alone and the workouts are voiceover. Filmed overlooking the beautiful Pacific Oean providing lots of lush greenery and gorgeous views. You will use the strap for the Hatha routine but not the Flow routine.

Hatha: This routine focuses on increasing flexibility and dissolving stress. The poses are used to relax not invigorate. Exercises include: breath work, forward folds, inversion, 1/2 sun salutation, butterfly stretch, boat, down dog, seated lower body stretching, static core work, low back stretch, and concludes with a long corpse pose.

Flow: This routine focuses on building strength & stamina and is more active than the Hatha routine. Exercises include: Victorious Breath, cat cow, plank, chataranga, up & down dog, sun salutation A, chair, warrior 1 & 2, inverted bike, seated lower body stretches, lower back massage, and finishes w/ a long corpse pose.

I would rate the work intermediate but because he provides lots of great pointers & the names of the poses it is a great workout for beginners. The use of the strap in the Hatha routine helps you ease into and get the most out of the stretches provided. Tamal is a great instructor, providing plenty of great form pointers and cues very well. Solid yoga routine, not boring. Good for fans of yoga. Received this dvd to review.