Bethenny's Skinnygirl Workout

Mike McArdle
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Yoga

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Mike leads this workout, working out along side Bethenny in a lovely living room set. The workout is broken up into three segments/ workouts (15-20 minutes) and contains a 12 minute bonus stretch. You won't need any equipment for this workout. You can play all or select the w/o you want from the main menu.

Exercises include: down dog variations including 3 legged dog & foot pedaling, 1/2 moon, neck stretch, hi & lo planks, lots of great balance work, warrior 2 & 3, triangle, chataranga, reverse warrior, pigeon, standing torso circles, awkward airplane, jump switches, plank side knee pulls, twisted chair, reverse bow, balance foot or knee hold, flying pigeon, and side stretch. Mike provides a great variety of standing & floor yoga exercises.Felt some nice stretching as well as some light lower body & core toning. Lots of unique exercises that I could feel working and done at a just-right pace.

I rate this an intermediate yoga routine. Mike is an excellent instructor with fantastic form pointers and cuing. Bethenny I could have lived without. In fact, w/out her this would have been a 5 star w/o. Yoga is not my thing but I really really enjoyed the exercises & the fantastic instructor. Not the same old yoga routine AT ALL! They do a great job of providing tons of modification options. I received this dvd to review.