Perfect Design Series: Sequence 2

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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There is already a great breakdown of this workout so I will just add my thoughts. I've used TA extensively since META was released. I finally was able to add this one to my collection. It is a step up from PD1 but not unreasonably more difficult. As noted, you need a sturdy chair, but she does move it around a bit. No weights are used. I enjoyed this workout. Also, I found that meta glute did not agree with my low back. I did not experience that problem with this workout. Most of it is standing work, which I enjoy especially as a change of pace after the all four work of Meta.



I am a high intermediate/low advanced exerciser who completed the Metamorphosis series (Omnicentric). I thought I'd work through the Perfect Design series before progressing to Continuity (need a break from the Meta music!). I think #2 is harder than #1, but both seem easier than Meta (perhaps a bit harder than the original Mat video).

I tried these videos when they first came out, and didn't like them. But after doing Meta (and reading Tracy's book), they make more sense to me. My lower body (butt/thighs) has really improved after doing Meta regularly. I do the muscular structure workouts 6 days a week, and add on cardio when I have time. I think I've had the best results with HIIT cardio (Amy Dixon Breathless Body, Chris Freytag HIIT and Cathe Low-Impact/High Intensity).

Perfect Design 2: Requires a sturdy chair
Total Time: 47:20 mins

Warm Up-4:15 mins

Butt/Legs-30:25 mins (8 moves, all done for 30 reps)
Side 1: Begin all moves standing on the left leg (right leg moves)
Side 2: Begin all moves standing on the right leg (left leg moves)

1_Right leg steps on chair seat, then extends back into an attitude leg lift.

Next four moves, use the chair as a barre:
2_Right leg extends back at a slight angle, then kicks straight back at hip height. Pulse between these moves (keep the leg up in the air).

3_Lunge out to right side with right leg, then extend the right leg back to a kick at hip height.

4_Step the right leg across the left to do a “step-ball-change”, then kick the right leg out to the left.

5_Cross the right knee diagonally at an inverted angle in front, then kick back into an attitude leg lift.

6_Get in a plank position with hands on the chair seat.
Lift the right leg back into an attitude leg lift.

7_Kneel on the left leg in a side plank position, with the right foot on the chair seat. Raise and lower the right foot/leg up and down from the chair seat, then extend through a bent knee into a front kick. Tracy is not consistent—on the second side, she does a straight leg lift to the front (no bent knee).

8_(No Chair needed) Get in quadruped position with an inverted right knee.
Lift right knee straight back and up to the ceiling, forming a one-legged downward dog.

Abs-7:15 mins (10 moves)
This is a challenging ab set, but it's still doable (not as hard as the Post-Pregnancy ab DVD). I like using the chair to cue/guide form.
—Note: There is an error with the first ab move. Tracy alternates a leg lift with a crunch side 1, but not on side 2.

Standing Abs and Arms-4:50 mins
Cool Down-30 seconds

Instructor Comments:
Tracy is serious in this series (no smiling like in Meta). But I like the nighttime set (I enjoy doing these at night, after work but before bed). Some of the voiceovers repeat exactly, which seems lazy, but it's better than Meta, where there are no cues at all on side 2! I wish these DVDs were chaptered.