360 Miracle: 6 Minute Disc 1

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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This dvd has 12 six minute workouts, 4 upper body, 4 lower body, and 4 core focused workouts. You won't need any equipment for the workouts. There is a huge window overlooking the ocean in the background. Mindy works out alone but offers modification options for most exercises.You can't mix and match or "play all." You have to go back to the main menu if you want to do multiple (but you can skip to the next w/o while in that w/o).

The format of these workouts is: each workout contains 2 exercises repeated 4 times each. Each exercise lasts 20 seconds with a 10 second rest in between. The upper and lower body workouts also contain cardio and some of the core work is standing, some on the floor. Each 6 minute w/o contains a quick warmup & cooldown & Mindy gives you a daily tip at the end.

Upper Body Exercises: jab, speed bag, squat hop & floor touch, tri push offs, jab cross, football run & arm flrry, football run & floor touch, & pushup -arm raise. Lower Body Exercises: sumo squat jumps w./ an added heel click, side lunge knee ups, dip knee ups, squat inner thigh sweeps, lunge & front leg curl, etc. And she adds hops & plyos to all the moves. Core Exercises: wood chop, figure 8's, side plank drops, V sit, elevator planks, torso twist & knee pull, crunch w/ a knee pull, & side knee ups.

I would rate these workouts as solid intermediates. The no equipment option is great for travel or those that dont have dumbbells. I love the addition of cardio in these but didnt feel that my UB muscles were thouroughly worked. My core & LB were due to body weigth. I added weighted gloves to the UB and used the w/u & c/d sections to do my own weighted UB work to up the strength training in those. Mindy is an excellent lead, great cuing, & great motivation! I received this dvd to review.