MB45 Advanced: Instructional

Marcus Martinez
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Instructional / How To Videos , Kettlebell

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MB45 Advanced “Instructional” is led by Marcus Martinez, and is on disc 1 of the MB45 Advanced set w/ the “Core Workout” and “Workout One.” Bodyweight and (single & double) kettlebell exercises are demoed & explained. Marcus states that since this is advanced workout DVD that the knowledge/how to’s of basic KB exercise like swing & clean variations is assumed, so people needing instruction on those exercises should try MB45 Essentials workouts (or a different workout/training for that). Modifications and alternative exercises are provided, and Marcus recommends that people skip the exercises that those options don’t work for.

The instructional moves quickly, and is fairly short & to the point. Marcus provides clear instruction & form pointers, and he has solid form when performing exercises.

Set: MBody gym, black floor, blue & grey walls, w/ various equipment in the background (bells, tires)

Cast: one male who demos some exercises, w/ good form

Music: instrumental w/ driving beat, low volume (background noise)

Equipment: single, double bells

Exercises (17 min.)

Mid pull: single arm pull to chest level (focus on forearms & shoulders), less range of motion than high pull.

High Pull: single arm

Snatch: single arm, dead start (lift bell off floor, no hike pass). Demos how to release KB from top of snatch, cast off (up & over hand) or corkscrew (unravel bell by hand/wrist rotating).

Double Snatches: bell are placed about a foot in front. Cues that form & start are same for other double bell exercises (clean, swing). Demos outside of leg snatch (bells placed outside of leg w/ narrow stance).

Renegade Row: cues to use exhale some air w/ pull (lift) of exercise.

Double Front Squats

Alternating Floor (chest) Press

Gorilla (alternating) Cleans

Sit Through (bodyweight): start in plank position, then rotate body to one side w/ bent knee for static leg, other extend straight leg to side (held off floor), one hand on floor (same side as extended leg), alternating sides. Modification: slower pace, and go back to plank position in between each rep, or torso rotation w/ leg extension to side (leg rests on floor), other leg stays straight.

X Push-up (bodyweight): perform push-up (in plank position), rotate body to face up, by bringing foot underneath & opposite side arm rotates open (knees bent, arms straight, heels on floor), then rotate body to plank position by using other foot & arm, alternate sides. Modification: perform at slower pace or perform traditional push-ups.

KB Jump throughs: recommends to use 16 kg/35 lb. bells or more for this exercise. Start in push-up position w/ hands on bells, then lift lower body up to move forward and extend legs (heels on floor), fast pace. Alternate exercise: perform sprawls.

Deck squat: demos body weight & one bell variations. Alternate exercise: perform sit-ups.

Grasshoppers (bodyweight): Push-up w/ leg extended/crossed under other (held in air), alternate sides. Modification: less range of motion for leg or lowered position of push-up. Place leg on floor for push-up, or just alternate leg extension on floor from plank position.

Scorpion Push-up (bodyweight): push-up w/ single leg lift (bent, lifts up & crosses over other) on the lowered position of push-up, alternate sides. Alternate exercises: traditional push-ups or Grasshopper.

Knee tuck jumps (bodyweight): Jump squat w/ knee tuck jump. Alternate exercise: jump squat or bodyweight squat.

Hand Walkout (bodyweight): start in crouched position w/ knees turned out> walk hands out as far as possible (body in plank position) & reverse motion.