MB45 Advanced: Workout One

Marcus Martinez
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell

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MB45 Advanced “Workout One” is a 60 min. total body workout led by Marcus Martinez, and is on disc 1 of the MB45 Advanced set w/ the “Instructional” and “Core Workout.” It has a mix of bodyweight and KB exercises (single and double bell). Each exercise is performed for 30 or 60 seconds, but Marcus cues that users choose the rep range that they want to focus on (strength: 3-5 reps, muscle mass: 8-10 reps, endurance: as many reps as you can) and sequenced w/ mostly 30-60 second rests (few 15 second rests). There is a timer that shows how much time is left, how much time has passed, a 10 second countdown to next exercise (and an auditory cue w/ the last 3 seconds left of a rest or work interval). Modifications and alternate exercise are cued & demoed for some exercises. The warm-up & cool-down are the same ones from the “Core Workout.”

This is a solid workout that sequences in double and single bell exercises w/ challenging bodyweight exercises (mostly floor, work core nicely). There is a high cardio effect, and the rests were appropriate (enough to recover a bit & then move on). This is one of the longer KB workouts that I have uses (work portion is 45 min), but it has a good flow and the different exercises keep it interesting (and challenging). The alternative & modified exercises were provided for many exercises, and nice that people have options for exercises that allow then to progress & still get in a great workout. And since users choose the rep ranges that work for what they want to focus on, the workout can be used in different ways (nice for variety & different goals). The warm-up is really thorough, it’s one of the better joint mobility ones that I have used (in any KB DVD workout).

Set: MBody gym, black floor, blue & grey walls, w/ various equipment in the background (bells, tires)


Cast: one male, one female

Music: instrumental w/ driving beat, low volume (background noise)


Equipment: double bells

Warm-up (10:12 min.)- uses one bell for one exercise

Neck: lateral flexion (ear to shoulder), flexion/extension (head forward/gaze down & head back/gaze up down, then rotation (turn to each side, but look past shoulder).

Shoulder rolls: rear & forward.

Shoulder twist: start facing front w/ arms out to side, pivot (on ball of foot, this leg stays bent) to face side w/ shoulder twist (arms rotate to each side, alternate single arm/hand face up & face down).

Arm Circles: forward, hand crossing in front, alternates> rear.

Shoulder cams: start w/ arms extended forward w/ hands balled into fists> extend arms further forward, shrug (shoulders), retract (shoulders) & drop (lower shoulders), reverse sequence.

Elbow circles: hold arms in V-shape in front of body> bring hands into body (touch face w/ hands) & open out to starting position> reverse motion.

Wrist circles: both directions

Ribcage circles: both directions, small range of motion.

Torso twists: rotate torso to each side, w/ arms opening & swinging close to body w/ each rotation (one in front, one in back).

Side bends: alternating sides.

Ragdoll: hinge at hips, lower flat back to one side, lower to floor (upper body & arms are loose/hang) and move the torso around to other side (back stays flat, arms swing to floor) & lift torso to upright position, both sides.

Hip circles: both directions.

Hip tilts: alternate hip isolation to each side.

Pelvic tuck: tuck & reverse motion.

Pelvic circles: both directions.

Knee twist: lift knee up & hold, then swing it from side to side.

Knee circles: alternating sides.

Ankle circles: both feet, both directions.

Upward dog & Downward dog: alternating between exercises.

Scorpion: start prone (face down) on floor w/ hands out to sides> alternate leg lift and cross/reach (bent leg) over other leg to tap to floor.


Alternating Front Lunges

Swings: 2-arm


Work (44:11 min.)

Double “Outside the Leg” Clean & Press: legs in narrow stance, bells placed outside of leg (start), hike pass is at side of body.

Weighted Deck Squats (uses one bell): alternate exercise: sit-ups.

Plank Movements: start in plank position on elbows> move front & back> move side to side> circles in both directions. Modification: static hold.

Alternating swings

Double Push Press: rack bells w/ the “outside of leg” clean.

Renegade Row: alternate exercise: alternating bent over row.

Push-ups: fast pace. Modification: on knees. Alternate exercise: static hold in plank position.

Double Front Squats

Sit Through (bodyweight): start in plank position, then rotate body to one side w/ bent knee for static leg, other extend straight leg to side (held off floor), one hand on floor (same side as extended leg), alternating sides. Modification: torso rotation w/ leg extension to side (leg rests on floor), other leg stays straight, alternating sides.


X Push-up (bodyweight): perform push-up (in plank position), rotate body to face up, by bringing foot underneath & opposite side arm rotates open (knees bent, arms straight, heels on floor), then rotate body to plank position by using other foot & arm, alternate sides. Modification: perform traditional push-ups on toes or knees.

Lunge to Press (uses one bell): clean bell to rack position, same side leg lunges front, then press.

Lunge to Press on other side.

Goblet squat (uses one bell): upside down bell held between hands.

Sprawl into Renegade Row: place hands on bells, jump back into plank position, then one rep of rows (each side), reverse motion. Modification: perform sprawl (on floor) then one rep of bent over row (each side), reverse motion.

Alternating Swings

Alternating Bent Over Row

Push-ups on bell (uses one bell): bell placed on side w/ hand on top, fast pace, both sides.

Push-up hold: static hold in lowered position of plank, modification: on knees> static hold in top position of plank.

Clean & Push Press: both sides.

Plank Movements

Alternating Snatches: switch hands at the hike pass. Modification: dead start alternating snatch (switch hands on floor).

Double Front Squat

1-Arm Swing

1-Arm Swing other side

Alternating Goblet lunge: alternating front lunges w/ upside down bell held between hands.

Wide push-ups: fast pace.

Mid pull: single arm pull to chest level (focus on forearms & shoulders), less range of motion than high pull.

Rack Lunge: bell held in rack position, same side front lunge.

Kettlebell Pullovers: start supine on floor w/ bent knees, bell held overhead w/ both hands> pull/lift bell up to over the chest.

Mid Pull & Rack Lunge on other side.

Hand Walkout w/ A-frame push-up: lower body into crouched position> walk hands out as far as possible (body in plank position), lower elbows/forearms to floor & lift up (A-frame push-up), then reverse motion to standing position.

Double “Outside the Leg” Cleans.

Plank Mountain climbers: on elbows, butt is lifted a bit.

Alternating Swings

Double Front Squats

Goblet Squats

Bodyweight Squats

Push-up hold: static hold in lowered position of plank, modification: on knees> static hold in top position of plank on knees> lower the upper body a bit & hold.

Alternating Bent Over Row

Explosive Push-ups: body lifts off floor at top of exercise. More intensity: add clap at top of exercise.

2-handed Swings

Narrow (triceps) Push-ups: hands & elbows close to body.

2-handed Swings

Wide push-ups: arms in wide stance.

2-handed Swings

Double “Outside the Leg” Cleans

Double Push Press: modification: hold w/ bells in rack position.

Alternating Dead Start Snatch

X Push-ups

Cool-down (5:07 min.)

Forward bend (uses one bell): hands wrap around bottom of bell>hinge at hips, slowly lower upper body to floor, and static hold.

Upward dog> Downward dog.

Low Lunge (knee on floor)> add torso twist to knee both sides.

Butterfly stretch: seated w/ bent knees, soles of feet together, hands rest on feet.

Spinal twist: one leg extended to front, other has bent that crosses over leg> twist body to knee & place elbow on knee (top or outside)> Glute stretch: from previous position, pull knee into chest & hold, repeat sequence on other side.

Deep Squat: static hold in lowered position.

Shoulder/upper back stretch: arms extended forward w/ clasped hands, static hold.

Chest stretch: clasp hands behind body, lift arms and hold.

Neck lateral flexion

Neck circles

Wrist/forearm stretch: flex (fingertips in vertical position) one hand in front of body, other holds it by fingertips> reverse position (fingertips face down, pulled towards body by other hand) & hold.

Instructor Comments:
Marcus constantly reminds user to focus on form, take rests early or shorten when needed & to make the workout work for them (but not in a nagging manner). He is very encouraging & honest (doesn't sugar coat that it's a tough workout but people should work within their level of abilities & try to push themselves when possible).