MB45 Advanced: Workout Three

Marcus Martinez
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell

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MB45 Advanced “Workout Three” is a 60 min. total body workout led by Marcus Martinez, and is on disc 2 of the MB45 Advanced set w/ “Workout Two.” It has a mix of bodyweight and KB exercises (single and double bell). Each exercise is performed for 30-60 seconds, sequenced w/ 30-60 second rests, and structured to use for a heavy/strength (3-5 reps), medium/mass (8-10 reps) or light day/endurance (max reps). There is a timer that shows how much time is left, how much time has passed and a 10 second countdown to next exercise, and an auditory cue w/ the last 3 seconds left of a rest or work interval. Modifications and alternate exercise are cued & demoed for some exercises. The warm-up & cool-down are the same ones used in the other MB45 Advanced workouts.

I really enjoyed this workout, it’s similar to the format of the other MB45 Advanced workouts (work & rest intervals, many of the same exercises) but the sequence of exercises really worked for me. I generally don’t prefer/like kettlebell workouts longer than 40 min, and this one (and other MB45 advanced workouts run about an hour) is longer, but does not feel like a dread (working hard & engaged w/ the mix of exercises). The MB45 Advanced workouts have been a pleasant surprise, every workout is solid and doesn't feel like a clock-watching workout (not short, add-on type workouts or repeat footage for the work portion) and one can grow/progress w/ them, and the tips provided (and w/ the current sale price, it’s a real bargain, as most KB quality workouts are not cheap at all). I am fond of Lauren Brooks‘ kettlebell workouts, and the MB45 advanced workouts are similar w/ the variety of bodyweight & KB exercises, work/rest intervals & good instruction (so I am glad to have found something similar to my tastes but a bit different). Marcus is a great instructor, very chatty but annoyingly so (his focus is on performance, and making progress & very motivating).

Set: MBody gym, black floor, blue & grey walls, w/ various equipment in the background (bells, tires).

Cast: one male (wears a weighted vest), one female (demos the lesser intensive/impact modified or alternate exercises).

Music: instrumental w/ driving beat, low volume (background noise).

Equipment: double bells

Warm-up (10:12 min.)- uses one bell for one exercise

Neck: lateral flexion (ear to shoulder), flexion/extension (head forward/gaze down & head back/gaze up down, then rotation (turn to each side, but look past shoulder).

Shoulder rolls: rear & forward.

Shoulder twist: start facing front w/ arms out to side, pivot (on ball of foot, this leg stays bent) to face side w/ shoulder twist (arms rotate to each side, alternate single arm/hand face up & face down).

Arm Circles: forward, hand crossing in front, alternates> rear.

Shoulder cams: start w/ arms extended forward w/ hands balled into fists> extend arms further forward, shrug (shoulders), retract (shoulders) & drop (lower shoulders), reverse sequence.

Elbow circles: hold arms in V-shape in front of body> bring hands into body (touch face w/ hands) & open out to starting position> reverse motion.

Wrist circles: both directions

Ribcage circles: both directions, small range of motion.

Torso twists: rotate torso to each side, w/ arms opening & swinging close to body w/ each rotation (one in front, one in back).

Side bends: alternating sides.

Ragdoll: hinge at hips, lower flat back to one side, lower to floor (upper body & arms are loose/hang) and move the torso around to other side (back stays flat, arms swing to floor) & lift torso to upright position, both sides.

Hip circles: both directions.

Hip tilts: alternate hip isolation to each side.

Pelvic tuck: tuck & reverse motion.

Pelvic circles: both directions.

Knee twist: lift knee up & hold, then swing lower leg from side to side.

Knee circles: alternating sides.

Ankle circles: both feet, both directions.

Upward dog & Downward dog: alternating between exercises.

Scorpion: start prone (face down) on floor w/ hands out to sides> alternate leg lift and cross/reach (bent leg) over other leg to tap to floor.


Alternating Front Lunges

Swings: 2-arm


Work (45 min.)

Cleans: both sides.
“Outside of Leg” Alternating Rows: bent over row w/ narrow stance of feet.

Jump Squats: modification: bodyweight squats.
Double Explosive Deadlift: explosiveness on lift.

Snatch to Overhead Squat: Modification: dead start snatch, squat w/ bell in rack position.
Double Single-leg deadlift

Repeat sequence (Snatch to OH squat) on other side.

Narrow to wide push-ups: add explosiveness (lift off of floor into next stance of hands w/ lift of push-up). Modification: walk hands into narrow or wide stance, & perform on knees.
Crush grip: hold bell between both palms & hold.

Double Cleans
Double Alternating Front Lunges: bells held at side.

Renegade Row: Modification: Alternating Bent Over Row.
Alternating Swings

Kettlebell Pullovers w/ Leg Raise: start supine on floor w/ bent knees, bell held overhead w/ both hands> pull/lift bell up to over the chest & lift legs to meet bell (vertical position).
Scorpion Push-ups: push-up w/ single leg lift (bent, lifts up & crosses over other) on the lowered position of push-up, alternate sides. Modification: perform on knees.

Mid pull: single arm pull to chest level (focus on forearms & shoulders), less range of motion than high pull.
Push-ups on KB: push-up w/ one hand on bell (turned over on side). Modification: perform on knees.
2-handed Swings

Repeat sequence (Mid pull, push-ups on KB) on other side

Crush Grip
High Pull: both sides.
1-Arm Push-up: alternate lifting one hand/arm off floor in plank position, fast pace. Modification: perform on knees or on toes at slower pace.

Double Single-leg Deadlift
Crab Walkout w/ explosive push-up: add explosive or clap push-up after walkout into plank. Modification: perform crab walkout w/ standard push-up.

Double Single-leg Deadlift on other side.
V-ups: start supine w/ legs & arms extended on floor> lift upper & lower body & form V-shape, reverse motion.

Double “Outside the Leg” Mid Pull
Push-Ups on bell: hands on horns of bells. Modification: perform standard push-ups.

Alternating swing

Double Explosive Suitcase Deadlift: explosiveness on lift of exercise.
Knee tuck Jump squat: Jump squat then knee tuck jump. Modification: jump squat or bodyweight squats.
Double Cleans

Twisting (cross body)Mountain Climbers: perform at slow pace.
A-Frame Push-ups: in plank position, arms are extended in front> lower elbows/forearms to floor & lift up at fast pace. Alternate exercise: perform plank to push-up.

Snatch: modification: lower arm to rack position, then hike pass.
Static hold in front lunge
Scorpion Push-up

Snatch & static hold in front lunge on other side.
2-handed swings

Sit Through (bodyweight): start in plank position, then rotate body to one side w/ bent knee for static leg, other extend straight leg to side (held off floor), one hand on floor (same side as extended leg), alternating sides. Modification: torso rotation w/ leg extension to side (leg rests on floor), other leg stays straight.

Clean: both sides
Push-ups: fast pace
Figure 8 to hold: swing bell through legs (to opposite side leg), w/ one hand to pass bell to other hand, then bell is swung up to chest level to meet other hand (bottoms up bell), alternate sides.
Crush Grip Hold

Cool-down (5:07 min.)
Forward bend (uses one bell): hands wrap around bottom of bell>hinge at hips, slowly lower upper body to floor, and static hold.

Upward dog> Downward dog.

Low Lunge (knee on floor)> add torso twist to knee both sides.

Butterfly stretch: seated w/ bent knees, soles of feet together, hands rest on feet.

Spinal twist: one leg extended to front, other has bent that crosses over leg> twist body to knee & place elbow on knee (top or outside)> Glute stretch: from previous position, pull knee into chest & hold, repeat sequence on other side.

Deep Squat: static hold in lowered position.

Shoulder/upper back stretch: arms extended forward w/ clasped hands, static hold.

Chest stretch: clasp hands behind body, lift arms and hold.

Neck lateral flexion

Neck circles

Wrist/forearm stretch: flex (fingertips in vertical position) one hand in front of body, other holds it by fingertips> reverse position (fingertips face down, pulled towards body by other hand) & hold.