More Daily Energy

Shiva Rea
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Yoga

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This dvd contains seven separate 20 minute workouts that can be mixed and matched to create a custom workout. Also included is am 11 minute opening meditation section and a 7 minute shavasana. Shiva works out alone in a gold laden room on a gold pedestal- very nice set! Total running time is 158 minutes. You won't need any equipment for this workout.

These are vinyassa (flowing movement) workouts and combine fluid movement with rhythmic breathing. Three of the workouts are beginner and four are intermediate. There are calming lunar segments and also stimulating solar segments for when you need energy.

The workout sections include: Opening Meditation, Lunar: Foundation Sahajal, Foundation heart Flow, & Foundation Standing. Solar: Prayer Wheel, Evolution Flow, Evolution Heart Flow, and Evolution Standing Balance.

This dvd provides tons of options and has something for every yogi! I would rate this dvd perfect for beginners & intermediates. This is a great dvd that you can grow with. Tons of variety. Love the mix & match options and short 20 minute options. I received this dvd to review.