360 Miracle: 30 Minute Upper Body Workout

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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This dvd contains two 30 minute upper body workouts- one advanced & one betginner. Both feature the same exercises but the beginner workout includes more instruction, backgrounder modifications, and Mindy offers level options for alternative intensities. The set is awesome- a nice living room with a huge picture window looking out into the ocean (gorgeous). Mindy works out alone in the advanced and with 3 backgrounders of various fitness levels in the beginner. You will only need your figure 8 tubing for this workout.

The workouts are structured that you work at 70% intensity for 40 seconds, 60% for 30 seconds, and then 90% for 20 seconds. Each of these intensity "bursts" have a short rest period in between. This is a very well rounded upper body routine. Mindy does a great job of hitting all the UB muscles and working them to fatigue or failure. I like the band- it is a good resistance and Mindy does a great job at upping the ante with each "burst."

Exercises include: chest fly w/ isolation squats, kneeling to standing bicep curls (to up the intensity), progressive pushups, tri kicbacks & OH tri press, lat raise, tricep pushups, lat pull down, and includes a warmup & cooldown. She hits all the muscle groups & includes some static lower body work as well.

I rate the beginner dvd good for all levels- its slower moving and contains more options than the advanced workout. The advanced workout worked my muscles to fatigue or failure- and I would rate it a high intermediate workout. This is a very enjoyable workout. I really like Mindy and the sequencing of the work. Great cuing and great for travel or space limitations. I received this dvd to review.