Pure Barre Flatirons 1

Carrie Rezabek
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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The review is just of the exercises and I will give my impressions or misc comments at the end. I tried to remember to write times but sometimes I forgot and I'm too lazy to go back and look .

When you pop in the DVD the menu is the same as in other PBs. Shots of the exercises play in the background together with the menu which consists of the following:

1. The Workout
2. Body Positioning
3. Equipment Tips
4. About Pure Barre
5. About this DVD

If you press The Workout you can choose Play Entire Workout or Play Specific Sections.

Carrie introduces herself and her companions and tells us we need a 3 lb ball, mat and stable support.

.30 sec. Same warm-up as other PBs. Lifting legs, then arms up to the ceiling, arms up and down, then with a rotation towards the legs, then back to center. Same stuff you've seen.

1:10 on to the hundred with ball between thighs.

1:54 Arms behind head and you push your legs out in 2 counts. Curl to your right for 10, switch sides, then side to side for 10 times.

2:49 Still on your back, feet on the floor, ball straight to the ceiling and you do an ab crunch where you sit up for 5 times then do an inch up and inch down for 10 times half way through the floor. So not up or down on the floor if that makes sense.

3:43 Forearm plank, ball between hands and squeeze, the do 30 seconds of pulsing back on your feet. (Carrie mentions here that it's 90 seconds of planks).

4:23 Full arm plank- bring left knee towards your arms then switch.

4:53 Side Plank. The ball goes with the ball that goes up.

5:17 Push Ups. She does 3 variations. The first is the regular kind and the ball is at chest level. The second you put the hands facing the ball and the third elbows by the ribs. 10 reps for each position.

6:24 Brief stretch, and on to arms. This is still part of the warm-up.

6:34 On your booty with ball between thighs to do tricep dips. She does a variation where you move side to side that looks killer.

7:21 Standing, ball behind you between hands, bend and straighten arms

7:49 Same position but pinch shoulder blades together, then bend up and down, then just lift the ball.

8:15 Ball in front of you up and down for shoulder presses

8:33 Hold ball in front of chest for presses, squeeze ball

9:00 Hold ball straight out and bring in for biceps, does a couple of variations (sorry got bored with writing here )

9:50 Usual UB stretches.

On to the support for thighs. She mentions that it's 3 exercises each about 3 minutes.

10:40 Hold support with your left hand, ball high up on inner thighs feet in a V, rise up on toes with your right hand up in the air and lean back. Squeeze and tuck the ball for 10, then just tuck for 20. Lift chest and then do some variations of squeezing and tucking then down and up an inch.

Then on the second thigh exercise you put your back to the support, feel parallel, right leg out in front of you, flexed foot with a soft bend on your knee and the ball on your thigh and you lift the leg up and down with a hold to make it killer, then straighten and bend leg, then with pointed toes. Switch sides.

14:44 Last thigh exercise and it looks b r u t a l. Your back is still to the support, ball high up your thighs, and walk your feet out to chair pose. Squeeze ball while going up and down an inch, come up to toes still in chair position and keep squeezing and pulsing. The details are hazy here since my mouth was hanging open and the thoughts racing through my head are not fit to write here

16:31 Same stretches as other PBs

19:18 Start of seat work. Ball is high up your inner thighs. Left hand on hip, feet parallel, bend knees slightly then shift hips to your right and you go up and down. She does some variations with the left foot on toes then the left foot flat on the floor all the while pulsing with the righ hip shifted. K i l l e r. Switch sides.

21.19 Face support arm lengths away place ball behind right knee as you bend your leg, flex foot, soften left knee, press right foot back all the while tucking. Drop the ball and leave leg straight and do the usual pulses with flexed and pointed toes.

23:20 Stretch both legs. Place foot just above opposite knee and sit.

Switch for other side.

27:52 Same stretches for the set

Onward to abs

28:16 Sit on the edge of your mat, ball behind your lower back, arms holding thighs, round back, pelvis tucked (usual position). Then straighten arms, tap floor once and bring back up. Arms stay straight and you up and down an inch. Then bring arms to chest level and tap arms together and open. Then arms straight and you go up and down an inch. Then arms over head, tap them together, straighten, then up and down. So she does the same exercises just the arm position changes.

Then hold your left thigh (she does the right) with both hands, tuck, release arms and tap them together. Then at chest level, and finish with arms towards the ceiling. Do other side.

Sit up curl up and lie down with one leg straight out and the other straight up with ball behind your calf and you curl toward your leg that is up in the air. Do some variations, switch legs. Then switch legs back and forth while passing the ball between the legs. Sorta of like a figure eight.

Then go on your back, legs straight up, ball between thighs, pointed toes, arms by your side and lift your legs.

34:17 One full body stretch and cobra.

34:57 Back extension work. On your stomach, ball on your hands, legs bent, heels touching and lift heels towards ceiling. Then straighten legs and clap them (she says clap!). Then extend legs and arms at the same time, ball still in your hands.

35:44 Cow/cat stretch.

36:04 Final Stretch. Same stretches as her other DVDs.

Misc Stuff:

1. Music is the usual Muzak. I don't really care about music so this does not bother me. I think it's the same music from her other DVDs. At least the final stretch is.
2. Usual PB production. Airy and lots of light. I think the picture qualitiy could be crisper but it's the same as her previous stuff. The light that comes from the windows when the camera is facing her straight on can be bothersome but not enough to never want to do the DVD again. LOL
3. Carrie looks a m a z i n g. She is just as gorgeous but she glows here.
4. No mirror cue.