Pure Barre Flatirons 2

Carrie Rezabek
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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Flatirons 2

Same menu options as Flatirons 1 (F1 from now on)

:33 Same warm-up as F1 and other PBs

1:20 Pilates hundred but with legs straight in a diagonal, ball between thighs

2:09 Hands behind head (still on your back), legs straight and you raise them up and down. Leave legs straight in diagonal and curl 10 times to the left, 10 times to the right then switch from side to side for 1o times.

2:54 Legs to the floor glued together, arms up towards the ceiling holding ball, and you roll up to sitting, for 5-10 times, then tap waistband to the mat for 10 times.

3:45 Forearm plank with ball on hands for squeezes, legs glued together. Press back and forth on heels

4:29 Straight arm plank, bring right knee towards chest and pulse for 10 then switch legs.

4:54 Side Planks. Same as F1 but this time arm goes by ear.

5:22 Pushups. Same variations as in F1

6:49 Sitting for tricep dips, ball between thighs, walk feet farther out than in F1, do 10 dips IRC and then 10 dips with legs straight.

7:41 Upper body using ball. Same variations as in F1. It seemed they were less reps or maybe less exercises.

9:57 Stretches for the UB
Head to support for the thigh work.

10:46 The first exercise is Thigh Dancing. Kneel on the floor back towards the support. If you have the Lowry Lofts than this itís the same variations except using the 3 lbs ball.

12:25 For this thigh exercise your left hand is on the support, ball high up between inner thighs. Go up on toes, bring knees together and hinge back while squeezing ball. Variations of squeezing and tucking follow. Lift chest to parallel, lower arm in right arm in front of you and go up and down an inch. Slide legs together and continue to go up and down an inch. (This exercise with the knees together looks like an injury waiting to happen, Iíll see how it feels when I do it and report back).

14:08 Feet wide in plie position, ball in front of you, elbows wide. She does a couple of variations with tucks and pushing knees back.

15:45 Same thigh stretches as in F1 (on the mat).

Onward to the support for seat work

18:55 Left hand on support, right leg bent with ball behind your knee, right arm toward ceiling, foot flexed, left knee soft. Press back and hold in a slight hinged position. Come to upright, retuck hips, point toes, arm at chest level and continue pressing back.

20:20 Straighten leg, flex foot and press leg back. Left knee still soft

20:56 Standing Pretzel. Heels together to start, lift right leg to the side on an angle, foot flexed, ball on right hand with the arm bent and start lifting the knee up. Then up and back. Continue to just press back. Then hinge forward elbow on support, ball on your hip and extend leg out and lift up for 20 IRC and then roll the ball towards the thigh, point toes and lift for 20 more times.

22:34 Same stretch as in F1

22:54 Switch sides

Head to mat for ab work

27:21 Sit on edge on mat, grab thighs with arms wide round back with waistband touching mat and you tuck (she says here that you are tightening your seat and flattening your abs at the same time). Hold the tuck and grab the ball in front of you and start to go back and up an inch, stay back, put ball between thighs again and keep tucking.

28:11 Ball at eye level and go back and inch and up an inch, place ball back between thighs and keep tucking

28:40 Now your holding the ball towards the ceiling and do the same as the last 2 variations.

29:03 Holding the curve, ball between thighs. Hold your right thigh and start tucking. Hold tuck, grab ball and go back and up. Hold at your low point and twist to the right elbows in wide position ball still in hands.

29:40 Switch sides

30:17 Ball between thighs, come up to heels, push feet further out and go up and down. Let go with arms to the ceilings for 10 more.

30:43 Lie on your back, legs straight up, ball between thighs, holding your legs, elbows wide and curl up. Then hold UB and just curl the LB for 10. Then curl the UB and LB together for 10. Then let go of arms and curl for 10 more.

31:28 Legs still straight up, arms by your side and lower legs to the floor for 4 counts and towards the ceiling for 4 counts for. Do 10 times then just curl up for 20-25.

32:22 Full body Stretch, legs above your head and stretching your legs as far out as they go

32:41 Cobra Stretch

33:01 Back extensions Ė Same as F1

33:43 Cow and cat stretch

34:02 Final Stretch same as in F1.