ChaLean Extreme: Recharge

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

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The CLX rotation pairs Burn it Off with Recharge on the same day. I only did Burn it Off and wow did I regret it! Lots and lots of high impact in BIO and your body truly needs the stretch of Recharge afterward. I woke up pretty sore the day after doing BIO so I popped in Recharge. This is going to sound crazy but I immediately felt better after doing this yoga inspired routine. This one does a fantastic job of stretching out the lower body in particular. My achy knees and sore hamstrings felt 1000% better after doing this. Well worth the 20 minutes.



“Recharge” is a 20 min yoga/stretch focused workout led by Chalene Johnson, and from the Chalean Extreme series. This workout is included on disc 5, with the “Burn It Off” and bonus Turbo Jam “Fat Blaster” workouts. I think this is a good short basic yoga/athletic stretch workout, the poses are simple to learn (no advanced poses, pace is slow w/ longish static holds & modifications are demoed, too) and transition well into the next (logical, build off of previous exercise). Users who are new to yoga or stretch will likely enjoy this, it’s not very long or complicated but an extended stretch that complements the other workouts in the program (abs, cardio & resistance). I like to use this workout as an add-on (after other workouts) or for a light day workout.

Cast: 4 background exercisers (1 male, 3 female), one demos the lesser intensive variations.

Equipment: none, but some may like to use a mat (Chalene & crew do not use one, but they are wearing shoes)

Music: instrumental (more mellow than the other music for Chalean Extreme workouts, but still has a beat in it)

Mountain pose: standing w/ feet together & arms at side of body.

Arm Sweep & Chair: arms sweep overhead, reverse motion> arm sweep, cross in front of body, then open to sides & lower, slow pace> add chair pose: bend knees, hinge at hips w/ flat back and arm sweep overhead & hold.

Rag Doll: Overhead arms then out to sides, hinge at hips & roll upper body down> upper body & head relaxed> slow paced roll up to standing position, arms sweep overhead> add lower body into crouched position w/ hands on floor (bend knees, chest close to thighs), straighten legs & roll up to standing position.

Moving Fan: hinge forward w/ a flat back, hands touch floor (or as close as possible)> crouched position, roll up to standing position> hinge forward w/ arms out to sides.

Plie: hold in lowered position of plie (sumo squat, wide stance, feet turned out)> add arms out to sides, then arm circles (rear)> Side bend (right) w/ over head (top) arm & other arm reaches to floor> repeat on other side> repeat w/ bottom arm/elbow on thigh, both sides> hinge at hips w/ flat back, lower down more deeply w/ hands on thighs & hold.

Fan: from previous position, turn toes into parallel stance, and clasp hands w/ straight arms in back of body> lower chest & head for static hold> rest hands on back & transition into flat back w/ lift> repeat sequence.

Stretch (hamstring): from previous position, slide hands down to ankles and hold> twist torso over to one side & place hands on foot and hold, walk hands over to other side & repeat> walk hands to center & hold.

Plank: from previous position, walk hands out to plank (on all fours w/ straight arms & legs), then slowly lower body down to floor (Chaturanga/tricep push-up).

Up dog: from previous position, transition into Up dog (press hands into floor, straighten arms, lift torso & legs a bit off floor and hold)> Down Dog (upside down V w/ body), bent knees, then straighten legs> alternate elevating heels w/ bent knees & reversing motion> Split leg stance: lift one leg (as high as possible) and hold> cued to lift leg 2 inches higher.

Warrior stance: from previous position, lower leg to front, bent knee between hands, back foot is turned out & stand up> lunge position (front leg bent, back leg straight), torso faces front, add arm reach to side & hold> Warrior 2: rotate torso to face side & arms in line w/ body, hold (same position of lower body)> alternate lifting & lowering.

Right Angle: from previous position, torso leans to side, place bottom elbow on thigh, other arm reaches overhead, gaze is up and hold> Triangle: straighten legs & bottom arm is straight, hand moves to lower leg> Pyramid: rotate torso over front leg w/ flat back, hands on lower leg and hold (same position of lower body).

Runner’s Lunge & Pyramid: from previous position, extend back leg to floor & lower upper body to knee w/ hands on outside of foot> transition into pyramid> repeat sequence.

Pigeon Pose: from previous position, place front bent leg (turned out) on floor & lower rear leg (straight) onto floor and hold.

Repeat sequence on other side (starting w/ plank).

Butterfly: hold in seated position w/ soles of feet together.

Instructor Comments:
Chalene provides clear cues & form pointers, and performs most of the exercises.