ChaLean Extreme: Ab Burner

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core

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For the most part, I really dislike core work of almost any kind. I have to say I truly enjoyed this workout. The movements were not so "undoable" that only super advanced exercisers can perform them. I just had a baby 7 weeks ago, and my core is really weak right now, just for reference. While I wouldn't say this is a beginner level, I do think even beginners could do the exercises with modifications and have something to work up to. Laylee is shown modifying the exercises when appropriate for beginners, which is nice. I'd rate this an intermediate all in al. At 10 minutes, it is quick and to the point, a nice add on. The music is pretty blah, nondescript background music.



“Ab Burner” is a 10 min ab/core focused workout led by Chalene Johnson, and from the Chalean Extreme series. This workout is included on the disc 6, with the “Burn Intervals” and Extreme Abs” workouts. It incorporates crunch variations, exercises w/ C-curve spine (seated w/ 45 degree angle of back), exercises quadruped position (on all fours, Bird Dog, cat/cow) in a fast-paced workout. Nice that there were not endless reps, and that different rep schemes (4 count lift & lower, 2 count lift & lower, single reps) are used for various exercises (does not feel repetitive).

Cast: 4 background exercisers (1 male, 3 female), two demo the lesser intensive variations, others show advanced.

Equipment: one dumbbell, mat

Music: canned, fast-paced (driving beat)

Moving cat (cat/cow stretch): in quadruped position (on all fours), 4 count lift for spinal roll, 4 count to reverse motion> 2 count lift & lower.

Crunches: center crunch (upper body lift, knees are bent, feet on floor), 2 count lift & lower> single reps.

Reverse Crunch: start w/ bent knees extended & hands behind head, lift lower body> add upper body crunch/lift.

Side Taps: from previous position, hip swivel & oblique crunch (side bend)> add arm chop (arm extends to ankle/leg)> repeat on other side.

Criss Cross(bicycle): start lying supine (face up) on floor w/ hands behind head> alternate extending a straight leg & bent leg at angle (in air), the upper body performs a oblique crunch (meets knee), alternating sides for single reps> single, single double (static hold) reps, alternating sides.

Double Presser: start w/ bent knees extended & hands behind head> extend legs in front of body (as low as possible), pull knees in to reverse motion.

Side Pike: start lying supine (face up) on floor w/ one hand behind head (bent arm), other arm extended out to side, hips rotated to same side of arm extended & bent knees held to side (off floor)> upper body lifts & legs extend/straighten in air & arm reaches to tap legs> repeat on other side> stretch: hug knees to chest.

Weighted crunch: 4 count upper body lift w/ hands holding dumbbell over chest, lift body to 45 degrees/C-curve & extend arms (dumbbell over knee), curl arms close to head, then reverse motion.

Obliques: from seated position w/ bent knees, upper body in C-Curve position, weight held at chest level> alternate elbow tap to floor (side of body)> complete reps at faster pace.

Reach & Tuck (Bird Dog): from quadruped position, lift opposite arm & leg in line w/ body and static hold> 4 count reverse motion & extend (feels more like 2 count, too fast)> complete faster pace.

Oblique Wrap through: from quadruped position, extend one leg to rear & opposite arm is bent w/ hand on head> static hold for leg, bent arm moves to tap other elbow, reverse motion.

Repeat Reach & Tuck and Oblique Wrap Through on other side> child’s pose> up dog pose> lie supine w/ arms & legs extended, round back & reverse motion.