Metamorphosis by Tracy: Dance Cardio

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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ďDance CardioĒ is led by Tracy Anderson and part of the Metamorphosis program. It is the only cardio workout in the program, and is recommended to use 6-days-per week w/ the other workouts (high rep, low-no weight exercises). The exercises are mostly high impact in counts of 2, 4 or 8 (but step taps & touch are low impact). The exercises are repeated throughout the workout w/ the same arm patterns or some variations. Tracy will work through one side than the other w/ quick transitions into next move. Iíve noticed that many of the exercise follow a single, single, double pattern, and counts of 4 for an exercise seem the most common. Modifications are not cued during the workout (she does say to not jump the entire time if you cannot safely do it), but she does provide encouragement and tips on how to get the most out of each exercise (land softly, use arm movements to add intensity, stay light on feet) or frees style dance if one prefers (just keep moving & mixing up the moves). Tracy demos all of the exercises, and her cues are via voice-over. There is an intro/message from Tracy included on this DVD that explains the program.

I liked the workout itís kind of fun because you get move around your space w/ different movements (continuous, not boring because it's fast-paced). I did not use it everyday, more like every other day or two days. I had some strain on my achilles tendon, when I used it daily, and figured out that it was the hops (traveling laterally, past issue for me w/ lateral hops/single leg jumps) that was causing it (so Iíve performed more hops in place & traveled less to each side, and the strain is gone). People who find the impact too much, can start of w/ just completing 10 mins. or so, and then increase the time completed as the rotation progresses. Or can just learn the leg movements first, then add in arm patterns (if that is tripping them up).

Set: Airy space w/ downtown backdrop in the windows, very white (almost glaring): white walls, floor, furniture & decor, w/ a sprinkle of blue & silver decor.

Music: Full audio mix, music only (instrumental), vocals only (voice over).

Exercises (28 min.)
There are core movements (not combinations to learn) that repeat throughout the workout w/ varied arm patterns (single & double arms are reaching, pushing, circling & pressing to overhead, side, front & down), so Iíll just list them (may have left out some unintentionally).

Step taps or touch
Alternating step/cross back (foot taps behind other foot).

Alternating step tap (body angled to side) front w/ arm reach to front & pull back.

Alternating step tap rear w/ same side, arm push to front.

Step tap (body angled to side) front w/ same side arm reach to up (bent arm) & pull back, other arm is bent & held next to body, both sides.

Alternating step touch (side step)

w/ feet together, wide stance, ski-type (hip twist)

Plie jump, cross feet at lift, alternate sides.

Fast feet
Chasse (traveling, triple step), then jump twice

Chasse traveling in all directions w/ arm reach

Triple steps

Traveling hop (side) w/ slow arm raise to overhead, both sides> both sides, no arms.

Turn to face side, then hops (small movement).

Hops traveling to back (large movement).

Jumping Jacks
W/ overhead arms, single & double arm overhead or push to side

Jump w/ single leg extension (front or side) or leg lift (bent or straight)
Jump w/ one leg turned out & flexed heel & alternating arms pumping (bicep curl motion)> add single arm push to side.

Jump w/ attitude leg lift (w/ opposition arms pumping).

Alternating jump & leg lift (side), then one jump w/ attitude leg lift.

Alternate jump w/ attitude (bent leg, turned out) lift.

Bent leg lift (front) w/ jump (traveling side, in place)

Jump w/ hamstring curl

Jump & tap
Extend leg in air to one side (w/ pointed foot), then jump & tap other foot in rear (bent knee, taps past side of other foot), alternating sides.

Single, single, double jump & tap in rear, alternating sides.

Alternating jump & tap foot to front (leg turned out), w/ arms held out to sides> alternating jump & leg lift (side).

Jump w/ one leg turned in (toes taps floor), torso twists w/ move, pointed foot taps floor, twice, then attitude leg lift to rear (same leg, bent arms circle forward w/ move), both sides.

Single, single, double jump & tap in front.

Jump & kick
Alternating low kicks to front (jump to switch sides)> alternate low kicks to side (turned out leg), opposition arms for both (move freely).

Kick front, side, rear then tap (same leg) w/ jump, both sides.

Chasse (traveling triple step), then two kicks to side (one low, one higher).

Hip twist
Alternating Hip twists (knees are bent, most of time) w/ arms moving up & out to sides then overhead.

Hip twists w/ arm push overhead, both sides.

Hip twist traveling to each side, hands clasped, alternate arms overhead & to hip level (move same side as hips).