Metamorphosis by Tracy: Omnicentric Transform 1

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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“Transform 1” is the month 1 disc for Tracey Anderson’s Metamorphosis Omnicentric program resistance workouts (she refers to them as muscular structure workouts). They consist of 3 workouts, each is used for 10 days. They’re mostly bodyweight exercises (the weighted section is just for arms) performed on floor & standing, with high reps. The workouts are generally 30 mins., and start w/ standing exercises (arms & abs) then move to the floor (abs & lower body). There is no warm-up (the unweighted arms section can count for one) and the cool-down is very brief, just consisting of a few stretches.

I think with the latter part of the workout completed on the floor (mostly on all fours, can be a bit hard on some people’s knees, hips & wrists or some may have issues holding neck in line/neutral position or w/ the lower back) that Tracey should have included a bit more stretches in the cool-down (people can always add extra stretches if needed). Few modifications were provided for the floor-work (even a simple “pause the workout, briefly, if needed” was not said or “make sure that your weight is distributed on the lower leg/non-traveling in quadruped position, so that your knee doesn’t take the brunt of the load”), or ideas for exercises for a brief rest from the floor-work were not given. I did require some brief rests (especially first few workouts to give my butt a rest & neck), and would go into child’s pose (rest on heels), spinal rolls, neck (look to each side), perform some reps w/ fists (give wrists a break),open & close hands (fist & release) & move hips (side to side) to provide a short break or allow me to work through the exercises, when I needed it (did not pause video). I think people should view the floor-work exercises before trying the workout because it can be hard to see the angles of feet & legs (even though there are different camera angles of Tracy), when trying to watch the screen & perform the exercises.

This is my first introduction to Tracey’s workouts, I wanted to try this because I do like floor-work (quadruped, plank) and wanted to try some high rep bodyweight and/or light weight upper body exercises to give my wonky shoulder a break from using mod-heavier weights (wanted to try something different). And the 30 min. time frame is appealing, I don’t know if I could follow an hour long workout w/ Tracey (w/out having tried a shorter workout first). I’m not interested in the promise of a teeny-tiny body (and fortunately she does not make many comments like those in the workouts, mainly refers to working the smaller muscle groups), just needing to change my routine up.

Tracey cues via voiceover w/ some tips on form for some exercises (for some exercises, there are really clear & helpful cues, and others not so much) & cues the transitions into next segment of exercises in some of workouts, but mostly it is watch & copy her moves. The floor-work is explained for the first side, but w/ few cues for transition into next exercise and the total reps per exercise are not always given (possibly cueing to perform 30+ reps of a given exercise would not sound motivating), the second side has no cues for exercise (so need to check on screen to see what exercise she is working on). I actually like the limited chatter, when completing each workout numerous times, certain comments can become annoying/old to hear. Although I do think Tracey should cue how many reps there are & provide a transition cue for the next exercise for all floor-work (would be helpful, then users don’t have to check the screen often). She is not smiley throughout the entire workouts (like dance cardio), but does smile at times (nice that she does not have the perma-smile of other instructors). The music is good, not the typical canned instrumental (has a driving beat).

The free (unweighted) arms segments mixes in single & double arm movements movements (push, pull back & lift/raise in different directions), and the static arm for single arm movements is held out to side, front, side of body or waist level (isometric hold) to keep it engaged (bent or straight). Even though this section is labeled for the ams, one does move the upper & lower body w/ movements (so not just arm-focused exercises).

The weighted arms uses 3 lbs. maximum for exercises, and follows a similar pattern as the unweighted: single and double arm reach/raise/press in different planes (overhead, lateral, diagonally) variations w/ bent & straight arms. The pace of movement is increased w/ each level, as well the complexity.

The standing abs are ribcage isolation exercises (ribcage moves to one side w/out waist or hips moving), ribcage circles (ribcage moves to side, back w/ inward chest, side then front/outward chest, to other side) & hip isolations (hip moves to one side, w/out the rib cage or shoulders moving). This is the only section, I don’t really care for, as some of it just moves quickly and not as fluid as other sections. I feel cuing could help here (single reps, double or angle to the back or side) because it can be difficult to follow Tracy’s movements.

The floor abs are crunch variations w/ straight legs (on floor, alternate leg lift up or to side, small & larger range of motion lifts, extended in split), bent knees (open to sides, upright on floor, single leg lift to chest), single or double arm reach to front. I usually don’t like crunch variations but Tracy’s are different/interesting, w/ the arms & legs having varied movements (does keep the abs/core engaged).

The floor-work is in quadruped position (all fours) or plank w/ different arm & leg variations (bent, straight) to increase the challenge (endurance, balance), side-lying, and low lunge (knee on floor) w/ turned out hip. For example: quadruped position, just one knee & hand are on floor (opposite side, same side), in plank: on elbows, or straight arms w/ one (bent or straight) leg lifting to side, rear or on diagonal. And the floor-work section takes up the bulk of time in the MS workouts, generally 20 mins of the 28-32 min workout (so the other sections each have about 2-3 minutes of work). The floor-work is definitely my favorite section, it’s hard because of the high reps (mostly 40 per exercise, but some have 15-30) but the movements are varied (large range of motion, some pulses, bent & straight leg lifts or extensions).

The floor-work (abs & lower body exercises) may be more difficult for those who are unfit, overweight, and who have certain spinal or joint issues because of the high reps & body positions (same could be said for other workouts that require a level of fitness & one to be knowledgable about their body’s abilities. I do mix up the side of the body that I start w/ for the floor-work, so either the first 5 days, will start w/ right side, then last 5 the left side. Or alternate, one day: right side, the next: left side, so that it’s balance (I’m not counting reps, but know that the second side I may miss a few reps, here & there from being tired from previous exercises).

Overall, I do like the workouts, they move quickly & hit total body w/out needing much equipment or room (and are a bit different from what I’m used to doing, I have used high rep workouts just not exactly like these). There was no dread w/ the workouts, even though they are completed 10 times each (did not feel repetitive, I look forward to theses workouts because I like the floorwork exercises & would like to improve the rep numbers, do more each time). I am not just using using strictly Tracey’s Omni workouts (using the resistance/muscular structure as designed, each level for 10 days, 6-day-a-week rotation) because the dance cardio would become repetitive to me to do the same cardio for 90 days(and due to the high impact nature, feels better to my body to use dance cardio every other day or 2 days). So I’m mixing in some short kettlebells, stretch, light resistance workouts (upper body & total body w/ bands, short duration of time, I like to add these in for different movements w/ the lower body,)and other types of cardio workouts w/ the Omni meta program. I have used levels 1 & 2 workouts 10 times each, and level 3 for 3 times, and like what I’ve tried so far. I’m looking forward to trying the month 2 & 3 workouts.

Set: Airy space w/ downtown backdrop in the windows, very white (almost glaring): white walls, floor, furniture & decor, w/ a sprinkle of blue & silver decor.

Music: Full audio mix, music only (instrumental), vocals only (voice over).

Equipment: 3 lb. dumbbells, mat

Modifications: few are cued (slower pace, perform every other rep)

Day 1-10 (28 min.)
Free (unweighted) arms (2:13 min)
Start w/ both arms extended out to side> single arm reach to side w/ hand opening & closing, then single arm push forward, both sides (arms bend & straighten w/ movements)> from extended position, both arms sweep forward & rotate (inside of arm faces up), then reverse (small range of motion).
Alternate single arm reach & push to side (torso moves to side w/ arms)> single arm reach overhead (fast pace), reverse motion to side of body (w/ bent arm), then single arm push forward, both sides> alternate bent arms sweep forward & rotate w/ arm push forward.

Static hold w/ arm extension to front, other arm pushes to front> both arms held out to sides> static hold one side, other arm bends & straightens> same arm pushes to back w/ straight arm, repeat on other side.

Single, single, double single arm reach to sides> both arms sweep forward & rotate (inside of arm faces up), then reverse.

Weighted arms (2:17 min): uses light weights, not more than 3 lbs.
Start w/ bent arm, elbow next to waist (hands/lower arm out to side)> single arm overhead press, upright row> lateral raise (straight arm)> single arm raise (overhead), bent arm then overhead press, both sides> double bent arm (waist level) then arm overhead press.

Both arms are bent and on front of body (hip level), single (bent) arm overhead raise> both (bent) arms alternate opening to sides and closing to front.

Bent arms held out to sides> static hold w/ one, other performs overhead press, 3 pulses, both sides> both arms alternate between moving forward & straightening w/moving to rear & straightening.

Start w/ both arms at side of body, lift both arms & bend, hands travel up side of body (to chest level, underarm level), then low lateral raise.

Standing abs (1:54 min)
Ribcage isolation exercises w/ hands on hips (side to side, alternating single reps & single, single double reps, then angled down a bit w/ bend in knee)> ribcage circles, both directions> side to side ribcage isolations, w/ feet together> spinal rolls (small range of motion, body upright).

Floor abs (4:21 min)
Crunches w/ legs extended (on floor), hands behind head> add single knee pull in, then leg crosses over other, both sides> alternate leg cross on other.

Crunches w/ one leg extended, other bent knee (foot flat on floor)> add single arm sweep (long lever, overhead to tap knee), both sides> crunches w/ soles of feet together, bent knees> alternate crunch w/ reach overhead, then sweep forward and crunch w/ hands behind head.

Start w/ bent knees> alternate crunch and crunch w/ single leg extension (vertical position), alternating sides> start w/ one leg extended, other bent knee> crunch w/ leg extension to front (in air), both sides.
Both legs extended on floor> alternate leg lift w/ crunch> legs extended on floor, crunch w/ single arm push forward, reverse motion to bent arm, both sides.

One leg extended, other has bent knee (upper leg in vertical position), upper body static hold in lift of crunch> move leg out to side & reverse motion, both sides.

Knees are bent, held off floor (upper leg vertical position)> crunch w/ legs opening out to sides, reverse motion to bent knees.

Bent knees, feet on floor> alternate crunch w/ forward leg extension (off floor) & vertical leg extension, both sides> crunches w/ legs extended.

Lower body (floor, 18 min.): work through all exercises on one side, high rep
Quadruped position
Lower knee & top of foot/toes to tap floor (in front of other not in line w/ other), then high, rear (straight) leg extension on diagonal, 40 reps.

Knee tap on floor at angle (lower leg turned out), then straight leg extension on angle, 40 reps.

Fire hydrant knee (turned out) pulls into arm, then two pulses in (high) diagonal leg extension, 40 reps.

Side leg extension, tap floor w/ foot & lift leg, bend knee to reverse motion, 40 reps.

Kneeling position
Open/rotate one leg into a lunge position (foot flat on floor), and lean into it> then reverse motion (tap knee next to other), 40 reps.

Pulses in the lunge position & reverse motion (straighten leg, less lean to side), 20 reps.

From kneeling position, (upper body) roll to floor (head touches floor).

Side bend in kneeling position (knees together, one arm sweeps over head> side bed w/ wide stance of legs, bottom arm reaches behind body.

Roll to floor> reverse motion & shoulder roll>Stand up & body roll to floor & reverse motion.

Days 11-20/level 2 (32 min.)
Unweighted arms (3:04 min.)
Overheads arms, then out to side (one straight, one bent), both sides> hinge at hips w/ flat back, touch one hand to floor, then other, roll to standing.

Pulses (lift & lower a bit) in lowered position of plie w/ hands on thighs, flat back> hip isolations (side to side, knee soft).

Start w/ both arms extended out to side, hinge at hips w/ flat back, then reverse motion, torso/waist lean/reach to side, both sides> repeat w/ hands on hips.

Knee drops (pivot on foot to rotate bent knee into midline) w/ arms extended to sides, both sides> alternate single arm reach (different tempos)> single arm reach overhead, then to side (static hold out to side for other arm), both sides.

Bent arms sweep/move forward & back w/ rotation of hands (flexed & palm face sides)> double arm push to side> alternate double arm push forward & side.

Single arm reach w/ rotation, fast paced, both arms held out to sides, both sides> bent arm sweep forward, then double arm push to side (shoulder level & higher), repeats.

Single arm reach, pulsing, both arms held out to sides, then single arm push to side, both sides> bent arm sweep forward, then double arm push to side> single, single, double arm push to side, alternating sides.

Double arm reaches to side (hands close into fist & open)> single overhead reach, then reach to side, both sides> Swim motion forward w/ arms (hands start movement), arms held out to sides> reverse swim motion (shoulders start movement)> single arm reach to side w/ palm down.

Start w/ bent arms extended to sides> arms lift & press down> single arm press down then reach to side> bent arms pulse in front of chest, then extend to sides.

Weighted arms (2:24 min.)
Single arm overhead press (palms face out), reverse to straight arm at side of body, then single arm reach to side, reverse to bent arm pulsing, both arms.

Open bent arms to side & close in front of body> static hold one bent arm in front, other overhead press w/ rotation of arm> repeat sequence for other side.

Both arms held out to sides> single, single, double reps of one arm extending to side, one bent (into midline), hip shift w/ movement, alternating sides> bent arm static hold, other overhead press into arm reach to side, both sides.

Open bent arms to side & close in front of body (hands cross each other)> static hold w/ bent arm (out to side), other arm overhead press, reverse motion to bent arm, both sides> single arm overhead press w/ rotation (of arm), both sides> single arm overhead press, w/ two pulses in lowered position (bent elbow at shoulder level), other arm bent & at side of body> single arm reach across the body, then out to side> repeat sequence on other side.

Single arm overhead press, w/ low reach (past waist level), other arm (bent) held to side, both sides.

Standing abs (1:26 min.)
Ribcage isolations w/ one hand on hip, other moving freely to front & side (side to side, alternating single reps & single, single double reps, then angled down a bit w/ bend in knee) or both arms moving up or held at chest level (bent arms)> Ribcage circles (fluid motion) w/ arms to side> Ribcage isolations w/ different angles: angles to front, center, then to back on different side, both sides> side to side ribcage isolation w/ hands on hips, then single arm movement (pulsing, reaching, pushing)> hip isolations (single, single, double), alternating sides w/ bent arms to chest level, then alternating hip isolations (side to side) w/ single arm movement (side, overhead, pulsing).

Floor abs (4:15 min.)
Start w/ both legs extended on floor> crunch w/ single knee pull-in, same side hand on head, other on opposite side hip, both sides.

Start w/ one bent knee/foot on floor, other leg extended to front (turned out), same side arm extended by ear, other behind head> crunch w/ single knee pull-in, reverse motion to extended leg, both sides.
Crunch w/ legs apart (V-shape) and one hand on hip, other behind head, both sides> single arm reach overhead w/ torso rotation (shoulder lifts off floor) w/ lift of crunch, lower w/ bent arm (flared out to side), both sides> alternate crunch w/ legs apart (V-shape) and legs together.

Crunch w/ leg lift (front), twice, then crunch w/ knee pull-in twice, both sides> static hold in top position of crunch, alternate crossing legs, increasing the space (that legs travel to each side) w/ each rep> legs move to one side, inner leg knee bends & lifts to side, repeat on other side.

Start w/ legs apart (V-shape)> knee lift w/ flexed heel, two pulses (pulling knee back) then leg extension forward, same side hand is behind head, other arm at opposite side hip, both sides> crunches w/ crossing legs (same side hand on hip, other behind head) & standard crunch, alternating sides.

Static hold in top position of crunch> move legs to each side w/ fast feet (on heels) to side, then move fast feet close to butt, and reverse> Crunch w/ knee pull-in and leg extension to front> Crunch w/ leg lift (front), twice w/ arm push to front, then crunch w/ knee pull-in twice (same side hand behind head, other at opposite hip), both sides.

Crunch w/ one leg crossed over other, opposite side hand behind head, other at hip> add arm reach to front (index finger points), both sides> Crunch w/ legs apart (V-shape), same side arm reaches forward (palm up), then arm push forward, both sides.

Legs still apart in V-shape> Crunch w/ single knee pull-in & extension to side, same side arm behind head reaches under knee w/lift, reverses to wrist rotation into straight arm, overhead w/ lowering, both sides.

Lower body (20 min): work through all exercises on one side
Quadruped position
Opposite hand/arm to working leg is placed on the lower back (entire time)>fire hydrant knee (turned out), then rear (straight) diagonal leg extension, 20 reps.

Cross knee in back of other leg (taps floor), then diagonal leg extension w/ turned out foot/leg(off to side a bit of other leg), 40 reps.

Same side leg (bent) & arm (straight) are on floor> top leg bends & top arms reaches back to grab & hold foot (briefly)> reverse motion to straight leg extension & arm (w/ fist), 40 reps.

Plank Position
Straight arms, static leg is straight, moving leg’s knee is at angle for all parts of exercise> lower knee to tap floor, then glute kickback (bent knee lift), lower knee to floor into (straight) leg extension on diagonal, 15 reps.

On elbows/forearms, static leg is straight> Lower knee & top of foot/toes to tap floor, then (straight) leg extension (angled a bit to side), 40 reps.

Side-lying position (bent elbow on floor, bent knees stacked)
Extend top leg forward w/ flexed heel, lift leg to upright/vertical position> then lower to bent knee w/ toe tap to back of body (on floor), two leg extensions/kicks w/ flexed heel, 20 reps.

Push off floor w/ hand and straighten bottom arm, lift hips (side bridge/plank)> extend top leg to side w/ top arm overhead, reverse motion (top hand taps floor), 40 reps.

Stand up, then shoulder roll (rear)> roll body down w/ clasped hands & straight arms> reverse motion & extend arms to side> roll down & reverse motion, then side bend w/ overhead arms, repeat for other side> roll down & reverse motion& extend arms to side.

Days 21-30/level 3 (30 min.)
Unweighted arms (3:35 min.)
Stretch: Side bend w/ arm reach to side (one overhead, one out to side), then single arm reach to side, reverses to bent arm both sides> hinge at hips w/ flat back, touch one hand to floor, then it reaches overhead (when rolling up to standing position), both sides.

Adductor stretch: pulses> knee of one leg bends w/ ball of foot on floor, other leg is rotated & straight to the side w/ flexed foot, arms in front of body on floor> roll up to standing position then, repeat on other side.

Ribcage isolations (side to side) w/ hands on hips> side bend w/ arm reach to side, pulses> hinge at hips w/ flat back over to one side w/ overhead arm reach, pulses to alternate from from flat back to upright position, both sides> Pulsing movements: Single arm reach to side (palm faces front), other hand on hip, then arm reach w/ palm facing down, reverse motion to bent arm, both sides.

Open bent arms to side & close in front of body (hands cross each other), then Side bend w/ arm reach to side, fast pace> single, single, double arm rotations (arms held out to sides, small range of motion, rotate to face up then down)> static hold w/ bent arm (out to side), other arm alternates overhead reach and side reach, then arm pushes at side and moves up to overhead (pushing motion, entire time), both sides (other side, arm push starts overhead, then moves to side).

Alternating arm, swim motion (moves forward, starts w/ hand), w/ each rep, hinge at hips w/ flat back> static hold w/ arms at sides, then single arm bent lift & straight arm lift (to rear), both sides.
Start w/ bent arms (90 degrees) flared, (hands down at waist level) down> Alternate bent arm lift to shoulder level (90 degrees), reverse motion, hen straight arm lift overhead> static hold w/ bent arm (out to side), other arm is overhead and pushes down to side and reverses motion, both sides> single arm push forward w/ fingertips facing side, then w/ fingertips facing up, both sides.

Swim motion w/ both arms (move forward, then pulse twice)> single, single, double arm push to side (palms face down)> Single arm reach to side (hand opens & closes), then arm pushes overhead, both sides> Alternate overhead arm reach with side arm reach, both sides.

Single, single, double arm reach to sides, alternating sides> alternating arm reach (more of a see saw motion, hips move w/ arms)> bent arms cross in front, then pulse out at sides> alternate bent arm pull front w/ (straight arm) extension to rear> alternate bent arm side (waist level, palms face in) w/ overhead arm reach> rear shoulder roll.

Weighted arms (2 min.)
Alternate single arm overhead press (palms face out) and single arm reach to front (at shoulder level), other arm at side of body, both sides> Single arm overhead raise (from side/palm faces side), reverse to side of body, then from overhead position, arm bends & pulls back (1 count), 2 pulses (pushes overhead), both sides.

Alternate single arm overhead raise (from front) and bent arm pull to back (movements starts at shoulder level), other arm at side of body, both sides> start w/ bent arms held out to sides (palms face front)> single arm overhead press, then alternate single arm reach to front & overhead press, both arms.

From the bent arm position (held to sides), single, single double side bend w/ one arm extending overhead, other at waist (stay bent throughout movement), on the double, single arm overhead press, alternating sides> alternate single arm overhead press & cross body arm reach (away from body), other arm held to waist (bent & flared out) both sides.

Side bend w/ arm extension & reverse motion (arms bent at chest level) twice, then lower top arm to knee level and high pull back (at angle), twice, both sides> Alternate single arm overhead press (palm faces into body) and side reach (palm faces up)> single arm side reach (palm faces front), pulses> Alternate single arm overhead press & side reach (palms face front), then pull to back & push to front, pulses.

Arms start at side of body (bent at waist), overhead press w/ bent arms (palms face up> Single arm raise (straight), reverse to lowering across other leg, then bent arm raise, (other arm at side of body), both sides.

Standing abs (1:35 min.)
Rib cage isolations, side to side, w/ different tempos (single, doubles or single, single double) and angles (shift front right, then back left) w/ hands on hips (both or one) or moving freely out to sides (or one side) and foot stance is wide & narrow> and ribcage circles> ribcage isolations.

Floor abs (5 min.)
Hug knees in seated position, lower to floor> alternate crunch w/ legs extended and crunch w/ knee pull in (hip/knee twist), hands behind head, both sides.

Start w/ bent knees (apart), crunch w/ single leg extension (vertical), both sides> from previous position, static hold w/ arms & head (top of crunch), single leg knee pull in then lower straight leg to floor then leg sweep out to side, both sides.

Start w/ legs crossed and over to one side, two crunches (hands behind head) then two w/ arm sweep to front (tap legs), both sides> crunch w/ legs apart (V-shape), one hand behind head, other pushes forward w/ lift of crunch, both sides> from previous position, static hold w/ arms & head (top of crunch), one leg at hip, other behind head and same side leg performs knee pull-in then lower to side (does not rest on floor), both sides.

Reverse crunch: static hold w/ arms & head (top of crunch), one foot stacks on other (heel on toes of other), then bend knees & pull in to chest, reverse motion to straight legs (tap floor).
Oblique crunches: start w/ bent knees, angled to side> crunch w/ single leg extension, lowers into bent knee, then crunch w/ single leg extension, lowers to cross other knee, both sides.

Crunch w/ soles of feet together> crunch w/ both legs extended> alternate crunch w/ single arm reach upward (shoulder comes off floor) and to front, both sides> crunch w/ legs apart (V-shape), alternate arm extension forward, arm push to front (rotate arms inward, so fingertips face each other), arms open (palms up)> hug knees.

Lower body (18 min.): work through all exercises on one side
Quadruped position
Two leg extensions (more like small kicks): start w/ leg extended (in line w/ body), rear (straight) leg extension, then rear leg extension on diagonal w/ turned out leg, 40 reps.

Static leg has bent knee, moving leg starts off crossed over other, foot on floor> bent leg lift on diagonal, reverse motion, 40 reps.
Start at same position as previous exercise> (straight) leg lift w/ turn out at top of exercise, 40 reps.

Opposite knee & arm on floor, other arm is held off floor (bent held in line to body)> Knee tap on floor at angle (lower leg turned out), then straight leg (high diagonal) extension on angle w/ foot turned out, 40 reps.

On elbows/forearms, static leg has bent knee> Side leg extension, tap floor w/ foot & leg lift into high diagonal leg (leg first moves to be in line w/ body), then lower bent knee (lower leg crosses other), attitude leg lift (bent knee, turned out), then tap straight leg to side, 30 reps.

Leg is held in attitude position (bent knee, turned out), perform pulses (small range of motion lifts), 40 reps> child’s pose.

Roll up to kneeling position, turn to face front> single arm reach to side, then overhead, alternating, overhead fast pulses, both sides> both arms overhead w/ clasped hands, open to sides (one extended, one bent), both sides.

Move into crouched position> straighten legs, then roll up, shoulder rolls (rear).

Instructor Comments:
Tracy has good form, she cues via voiceover w/ limited commentary & cues, so it's hard to get a feel for how she leads a workout (in real life).