ChaLean Extreme: I've Got Abs

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core

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“I’ve Got Abs” is 15 min ab/core focused workout led by Chalene Johnson, and from the Chalean Extreme series. This workout is included on the deluxe DVD, with the “Get Lean Intervals” and “Fat Burn Challenge” workouts. There are a variety of exercises, mostly bodyweight: crunches, roll-ups/down (C-curve spine), exercises in plank (Bird Dog, push-ups, static hold in lowered position of plank), as well, as some spinal rolls in (on all fours) & back extension exercises (prone position). There are also weighted exercises that use one dumbbell and that follow similar movement patterns to the bodyweight exercises. Push-up variations are sequenced into the workout, and many of the exercises are similar ones used in the other Chalene Extreme ab/core workouts (but this workout is a bit more challenging than those two). Chalene performs all of the exercises, and provides clear form pointers & cues.

Cast: 4 background exercisers (1 male, 3 female), one does demo lesser intensive variations.

Equipment: one dumbbell, mat

Music: canned, instrumental

Moving cat (cat/cow stretch): in quadruped position (on all fours), 4 count lift for spinal roll, 4 count to reverse motion> 2 count lift & lower.

Push-ups: wide stance of legs, on toes, 4 count lift & lower> 2 count lift & lower. Modification: on knees
Crunches: center crunch, 2 count lift & lower> add single leg knee pull in> single reps> add arms to side body (reach forward w/ lift).

Crunches w/ knee in: start seated w/ bent knees, upper body leans back to 45 degrees (C-curve spine) w/ hands/straight arms in back of body> lift upper body w/ single knee pull in, lower (upper body & knee) to reverse motion, alternate sides> add arms to side of body Modification: elbows/forearms on floor (not much lift w/ upper body, focused on the knee pull-in).

Walk Up Thighs: start lying supine (face up) on floor w/ bent knees, flexed feet> 4 count lift to 45 degree/C-Curve spine w/ hands walking up upper leg, then 4 count to reverse motion. Modification: less lift & range of motion.

Criss Cross (bicycle): start lying supine (face up) on floor w/ hands behind head> alternate extending a straight leg & bent leg at angle (in air), the upper body performs a oblique crunch (meets knee), alternating sides. Modification: oblique crunch (bent knees, feet on floor).

Push-ups: pushup w/ alternating (rear) leg lift> child’s pose.

Crunches: start lying supine (face up) on floor w/ one hand behind head, other arm extended out to side, hips rotated to same side as extended arm & bent knees held to side> upper body lifts & elbow meets top knee> extend/straighten legs in air & arm reach to tap legs> repeat on other side.

Ankle touches: from previous position: extend legs in air (vertically) & cross legs w/ hands behind head> alternate an arm reach to side (of leg) w/ hip swivel (twist & lift a bit).

Single Leg stretch: from previous position> alternate lowering one leg to floor, the other is grasped by hands & held w/ upper body lift.

Push-ups (triple set): 1 rep tricep push-up (hands/arms close to body), one rep traditional (hands/arms wide stance), 1 rep (Chalene’s version of) Spiderman push-up (wide stance of feet), repeats a few times> child’s pose.

Weighted crunches: upper body lift w/ hands holding dumbbell over chest, 2 count lift & lower.

Weighted Side Pikes: start lying supine (face up) on floor w/ one hand holding weight to side of body (bent arm), other arm extended out to side, hips rotated to same side of arm extended & bent knees held to side> upper body lifts & legs extend/straighten in air & arm reach (w/ weight) to tap legs> repeat on other side.

Weighted Slide: 4 count upper body lift w/ hands holding dumbbell over chest, the lift body to 45 degrees/C-curve & extend arms (dumbbell over knee) for static hold, reverse motion. Modification: bodyweight.

Plank Work: static hold w/ straight arms & legs> 2 count push-up, then side plank, alternating sides> Hover/static hold in lowered position of triceps plank position> child’s pose> Bird Dog in plank (straight arms & legs): lift opposite arm & leg in line w/ body and static hold, alternating sides> slow pace lower in plank. Modification: on knees.

Back Extension: start lying prone (face down) w/ arms & legs extended, head in neutral position> lift opposite arm & leg (as high as possible), 2 count lift & lower, alternating sides. Modifications: on elbows/forearms.

Cat/Cow stretch> spinal rolls & reverse motion in quadruped position.