ChaLean Extreme: Get Lean Intervals

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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“Get Lean Intervals” is a 41 min. workout led by Chalene Johnson, and from the Chalean Extreme series. This workout is included on the deluxe DVD, with “I’ve Got Abs” and “Fat Burn Challenge” workouts. It follows the format of the basic set workout “Burn Intervals” alternating athletic cardio exercises (kickboxing, jacks, lateral skaters) with high rep, light resistance exercises for active recovery (biceps curl, rows, tricep extensions, squats, lunges), and many of the exercises are similar to those in the basic set cardio workouts (sequence). I reacquired this disc because I really liked the Chalene Extreme basic set cardio workouts, and wanted some similar cardio workouts. I remember the reasons why I got rid of this DVD in the first place, it was the combination of Chalene’s constant chatter & finding most of the background exercisers to be really annoying in demeanor (either too chatty, whoop often, or mug it up for the camera). But this time around, Chalene on low or muted volume workouts well, and the cast is not that annoying (that I cannot just simply ignore them).

Cast: 4 background exercisers (1 male, 3 female), one does demo lesser intensive variations, and one demos resistance exercises w/ the bands (w/ handles).

Equipment: light dumbbells or resistance bands, and flat resistance band (tied in loop, placed around ankles for some of the cardio exercises).

Music: canned, fast-paced (driving beat)

Warm-up (4:26 min.)
Alternating step tap w/ alternating arm sweep to front (cued as shoulder rolls).

Squat (w/ bent arms/hands clasped at chest level at lowered position)> 3 count pulse in lowered position> single reps.

Bob & Weave: start in plie/sumo stance, alternate jab punch to front w/ step tap (body turns to side into split leg stance w/ jabs)

Double bob & weave (2 traveling plie/sumo squats to side) w/ jab punches to front (body turns to side into split leg stance)

Double bob & weave w/ cross punches to corner.

Single crosses to corners, alternating sides.

Plie/sumo squat w/ overhead arms.

Tricep extension (single) arms in split leg stance w/ forward hinge & (single leg) hamstring stretch position (flexed foot & straight front leg).

Alternate arm reach forward & pull back (bent arm) w/ torso rotation w/ lift (straight legs) & lower (bent legs) in split leg stance.

Alternate forward arm reach w/ pelvic tuck (bent legs) in split leg stance & pull back (bent arms) & straighten legs.

Arm circles w/ lift & lower in (single leg) hamstring stretch position.

Two reps shoulder drops (in lowered position of squat) alternating sides.

Repeat entire sequence on other side (starting w/ tricep extension).

Spinal rolls> roll up to standing position.

Single arm circles (rear), alternating sides.

Work section (33 min.)
Kickboxing Drills (w/ flat band): alternating jab punches w/ step tap (start in plie/sumo stance, alternate jab punch to front, the body turns to side into split leg stance w/ jabs)> Double bob & weave (2 traveling plie/sumo squats to side w/ jump) w/ jab punches to front (body turns to side into split leg stance)> alternating hook punches w/ step tap> Double Bob & weave w/ hook punches> alternating hook punches w/ leg lifts (side)> Double Bob & weave w/ upper cut punches> alternating upper cut pinches w/ leg lifts.

Biceps Curl w/ Sumo Squat: in lowered position of squat, perform bicep curl, slow pace> perform at fast pace> static hold w/ bent arms (halfway position), lower body performs the sumo squat> add arms (from halfway position), lower when legs in lowered position> Perform full range of motion bicep curl w/ sumo squat at slow pace> alternating single arm, at faster pace.

Single Leg Floor Tap (uses one dumbbell): lower one leg rear into lunge w/ forward hinge (flat back) & tap floor/close to floor w/ same side hand, then knee lift w/ power & overhead press to reverse motion. 15 reps (5 at three levels of intensity, low-high). Modification: no dumbbell used and no power knee lift.

Squat w/ lateral raise: squats> add bent arm lateral raise to lift of squat (2 count lift & lower)> single reps> 2 count lift & lower> alternate single arm raise> squats.

Plyo Plank Jumps: Tuck jump, then lower into crouched position, kick legs back into plank, Plank jack (jump legs out to sides & in) then return to crouched position & stand up, 10 reps.

Overhead Press: start w/ bent elbows, flared out, at shoulder level> 2 count lift & lower, double arm> single reps/fast pace> alternate single arm reps (right), static hold w/ other arm, repeat on other side> alternate single arm> double arm.

Jump Rope Drills: jump rope in place (small) w/ arm circles (bent arm)> alternating heel taps in front (w/ jump)> Double heel taps (2 reps per side)> alternating high knees> repeat sequence.

Lunge w/ Triceps Extension (uses one dumbbell): start in split leg stance, back at 45 degree angle w/ dumbbell held in same side arm as leg in rear> perform static lunge w/ tricep extension at lift> repeat on other side.

Mountain Climbers: start in plank position (on toes w/ straight arms), alternate single knee pull in (to chest), slow pace> faster pace w/ knee rotation (cross body).

Squat w/ Chop Block (uses one dumbbell): dumbbell held by hands in vertical position, torso rotates to side w/ lowered position of squat and dumbbell chops down to outside of knee> on lift of exercise, torso rotates to other side and dumbbell chops to shoulder level, at fast pace> perform lift at slower pace> fast pace for lift & lower> Center chop w/ dumbbell at fast pace> repeat on other side.

Jumping jacks (w/ flat band): start w/ wide stance of legs, fast pace> add bent arms out to side & in> add overhead arms> hands on hips> repeat entire sequence.

Overhead press (single arm): hammer grip (palm faces side of head) 2 count lift & lower> single reps> static hold overhead, then lower at slow pace> repeat on other side.

Speed skaters: alternate step tap w/ hands on hips> lateral skaters w/ foot tap (back of other leg) single bent arm reach forward, other in back of body> Double step lateral skaters w/ arm reach forward & pull back> repeat sequence (start w/ lateral skaters).

Step Taps (w/ flat band): alternate step tap w/ hands on hips> Double step tap> add leg lift after tap> repeat sequence> alternating leg lifts> repeat sequence (start w/ double step tap & leg lift).

Screamers: start in lowered position of split leg stance w/ hinge forward> alternate knee lift w/ hands on front thigh, then rear tap> add arm reach forward & pull back> add more power w/ arms> repeat on other side.

Lunge w/ Row (uses one dumbbell): start in split leg stance, back at 45 degree angle w/ dumbbell held, in same side arm, as leg in rear> perform static lunge w/ row at lift> fast lower w/ slow lift> single reps> repeat on other side.

Kickboxing Drills: Ski: split leg (lunge) jumps w/ bent arms held to sides, at fast pace> add opposition arms (pumping)> Twist: Jab (front arm punches, body faces side, parallel stance), cross (back arm punches, body turns front into lunge position), Jab (return to side, parallel stance), knee (lift, faces front)> Blocks: alternate side squat in sumo position to each side w/ alternate low punch w/ lowered position of exercise> repeat on other side (start w/ ski & overhead arms).

Squats: dumbbells held at sides of body, 2 count lift & lower> single reps w/out full extension of legs on lift (stays a bit bent)> 1 count lower, 3 count lift.

Cool-down (3:42 min.)
Lift & lower in lateral lunge position> static hold> Runner’s lunge> (single leg) hamstring stretch> static hold single arm shoulder drop (lowered position of squat), both sides> repeat sequence on other side> spinal roll w/ hands placed on inside of knees> reverse motion & hold in flat back> roll up to standing position.