ChaLean Extreme: Burn it Off

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Another reviewer did a great job breaking this one down, so I'll just provide my personal impressions. The workout is pretty short, around 27 minutes in total including warm up and cool down time. Nondescript / canned BB music. This is a pure cardio workout. The concept of this one is interval based. A 5 lb weight is used for one of the exercises to up the intensity of the move, not for strength. The intervals are all random times - some are longer than others. Some are also more difficult than others. This one is pretty high impact and didn't have the usual fun factor that most of Chalene's workouts have for me. While they do show a couple of modifiers (Laylee and Donna are back), some of the movements IMO did not translate well to low impact - the low impact version felt like I really wasn't doing anything at all. I did like some of the sports inspired movements like the football runs, but for the most part this felt almost like a Cathe drill max to me - just not my personal cup of tea but if that is up your alley you will like this one. The CLX rotation pairs this one with Recharge during the Burn phase, and the next day I could feel why. I didn't do Recharge that day and really should have; my joints were a bit achy the next day due to the high impact but that could be because I'm not used to drill type moves like sequential tuck jumps anymore.



“Burn it Off” is a 27 min. athletic cardio workout led by Chalene Johnson, and from the Chalean Extreme series. This workout is included on Disc 5, with “Recharge” and bonus Turbo Jam “Fat Blaster” workouts. The warm-up & cool-down are the same ones used for the other Chalean Extreme workout (simple & short). This workout is sequenced w/ the warm-up, a set of 5 exercises followed by a 1 minute rest, then 6 more exercise followed by a cool-down. Most of the exercises have impact, but there are the low impact modifications demoed for all exercises. There are 10-25 reps completed for each exercises, w/ varying tempos (slow, fast) and users are supposed to push themselves the entire time (just take rests when cued). I like that this is workout is short & focused on athletic cardio. Chalene is especially chatty in this workout, providing encouragement & form pointers (she does walk around to correct form & have others demo exercises).

Cast: 4 background exercisers, two demo the low impact/intensity options

Music: canned, fast-paced (driving beat)

Equipment: light dumbbell (only used for one exercise) and flat resistance band (tied in loop, placed around ankles, used for 3 exercises)

Warm-up (3:50 min.)
Alternating step tap w/ alternating arm sweep to front (cued as shoulder roll)

Squat (w/ bent arms/hands clasped at chest level at lowered position) > 3 count pulse in lowered position> single reps.

Plie/sumo squat w/ overhead arms.

Tricep extension (single) arms in split leg stance w/ forward hinge & (single leg) hamstring stretch position (flexed foot & straight front leg).

Alternate arm reach forward & pull back (bent arm) w/ torso rotation w/ lift (straight legs) & lower (bent legs) in split leg stance.

Alternate forward arm reach w/ pelvic tuck (bent legs) in split leg stance & pull back (bent arms) & straight legs.

Arm circles w/ lift & lower in (single leg) hamstring stretch position

Two reps shoulder drops (from lowered position of squat), alternating sides.

Repeat entire sequence on other side (starting w/ triceps extension)> roll up to standing position.

Work portion (20 min.)
Alternating step tap w/ alternating arm sweep to front.

Single leg floor tap: lower one leg rear into lunge w/ forward hinge (flat back) & tap floor w/ same side hand, then knee lift w/ power to reverse motion. 20 reps per leg, work through one side first.

Burpees: Tuck jump, then lower into crouched position, kick legs back into plank, Plank jack (jump legs out to sides & in) then return to crouched position & stand up, 10 reps.

Plyo Reverse lunge: alternating rear tap w/ small jump to switch feet/go into next rep (hinge forward entire time), arms sweep forward & pull back, 25 reps.

Plank w/ knee pulls (cross body mountain climber): start in plank position (on toes w/ straight arms)> alternate rotating knee into body at fast pace for 25 reps> hold in side plank (bottom leg bent, top straight w/ overhead arm)> repeat sequence on other side.

Jumping jacks (w/ band): start w/ wide stance of legs w/ slow pace> add arms reach forward & pull back> add overhead arms> perform at faster pace> add arm reach & pull> add overhead arms> repeat entire sequence (start w/ slow pace).

Rest (60 seconds): active rest, walking in place or stretching, water break.

Step Straddle (band is placed vertically in space, used as marker): traveling leg alternate crossing in front & back w/ fast feet (for both feet, both legs bent during movement) & pumping motion w/ arms, both sides.

Speed skaters: lateral skaters w/ foot tap (back of other leg) single arm reach forward, other in back of body, pace is moderate (not fast, but not slow)> Speed skaters w/ band: perform at faster pace than previous.

Screamer: start in lowered position of split stance w/ hinge forward> alternate knee lift w/ arm pull, then rear tap w/ arm reach> add more power w/ arms, both sides.

Lateral Lunge w/ Lateral raise (uses light dumbbell): perform lateral lunge, dumbbell lowers to floor (inside of the bent leg), then reverse motion w lateral raise & leg lift (side), 20 reps per side.

Football drills: fast feet (lowered position of squat) w/ arm push forward> narrow stance w/ faster pace> turn to right> center> turn to left.

3 Point Stance: alternate standing position w/ deep squat w/ floor touch (bent legs, flat back, wide stance of legs), fast pace (legs jump in to reverse motion & out to lower into squat)> 16 reps per side.

Cool-down (2:24 min.)
From lowered position of plie/sumo squat, shift/lunge to one side & alternate lifting and lowering, both sides.

Static hold in side lunge> Runner’s lunge> (single leg)hamstring stretch> Spinal rolls> static hold, shoulder drop> repeat on other side> roll up to standing position.