High Low Cardio

Jenny Ford
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Jenny Ford Hi/Low Cardio
Adrenline junkies and high impact lovers probably wonít like this DVD

35 mn
Rated as beginner-
This workout has 3 combos

W/U-the dreaded single, single, double step touch (lol), with heel digs, march or run, and box step. All joking aside the warm up moves are put together in an interesting pattern, not the usual boring warm ups that so many cardio workouts have.

Combo 1-double step touch,X step, cha cha, heel-knee-back step, and squat..these moves are done from one side to the other. This combo is much more interesting than it sounds. The only thing that may get old if you do this workout very often, is the time she spends on the break down of the X step (which is basically a V step with a cha cha)

Combo 2-Scoop, Rock horse,jazzy grape vine, heel digs

After combo 2, you do combos 1 & 2

Combo 3-grape vine, kick-ball-kick, grape vine, mombo,pony, hip shakes

After combo 3 you do all 3 combos

Cool down and light stretch

The set is a living room, no background exercisers

Music-not great but not bad enough to make me want to Joni O the DVD.

Although reading the moves makes this workout sound boring as all get out, the combos are not boring at all! Jenny does a great job of grouping the moves in each combo together in an interesting pattern. You can make it a little more high impact if you want too by doing more jumping and/or making the moves bigger. I was not looking for a killer cardio workout, just something I could do in my office to get me moving without sweating buckets and needing a shower before going back to work.
Iím an advanced exerciser but I have a desk job and am looking for ways to move around more throughout the day (thanks to Fitbit I saw I wasnít burning near as many calories as I thought even though Iím consistant with exercise) I ordered this DVD to do Hi/Low during my lunch hr. (its way too hot to walk in the park right now) Iím looking forward to trying the step workouts!
This DVD is defintly worth the money.

Instructor Comments:
About the instructor-I really like Jennys personality,she isn't hyper,doesn't screech, and has a calm voice, it is easy to hear and understand what she is saying. She cues very well in this workout.

Connie B