All Out Cardio

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a super diverse cardio workout that offers TONS of options: kickboxing, jump rope, intervals, med ball, and more. Mindy leads in a cute studio alone, or with her son in the interval segments. The dvds total running time is 83 minutes but is chaptered so well- allowing you to pick and choose your segments and includes TONS of premixes! You will need an optional rope-less jump rope (or regular rope) and a med ball for some of the segments.

Cardio Kick: (21 min) This is a basic kickboxing routine that does not contain any complex choreo and will get your heart rate up. It consists of 4 combos, which Mindy builds on to make little routines. Each combo is followed by a travelling pattern. Exercises include: punch & kick combos, V step, shuffle, jacks, speed bag, knee pulls, hi knee jog, double run, & moguls. Mindy really keeps you moving in this- no standing still & punching- your feet are always going!

Cardio Jump: (13 min) Mindy uses a rope-less jump rope (I used 1 # hand weights) for this section. Exercises include: hi jumps, lots of big arm movements, jacks, pendulum jumps, boxer shuffle, hops, hi knee jumps, heel digs, single leg hops, etc. Nonstop and heart pounding! Would probably be very good on the rebounder as well!

Cardio Strong: (16 min) This is a cardio plus very light "toning" (I used it for cardio) med ball section. SUPER fun- I love med ball work and this one was great. Exercises include: plyo lunges w/ figure 8's, grape vine- ham curls, step hop, jog- ball pass, ball through legs, knee up- ball pass under leg, cardio lunges, shuffle, flying jacks, etc. Fun but tough! I was sweating bullets w/ a 4 # ball.

Intervals: (24 min) There is an interval section coordinating to each of the sections above. They are short (8ish minutes), high energy, and each section contains six 30-60 second moves with an active 30 second break between. Exercises include: can can kick, fast feet, shuffle-180 jumps, burpees, flurry, hi knee run, pass ball under knee, Mt. climbers, skaters, moguls, ski runs, plyo lunges, heel jumps, flying heel clicks, etc.

There is also a 4 min cooldown/ stretch segment. I rate this a low to solid advanced workout- depending on which premix(es) you do. Mindy is a great lead- none of the exercises are complicated or overly choreographed but she does move fast so you do have to pay attention. High energy, pretty high impact, lots of unique stuff, and lots of fun! So many time & style options are included- this dvd has a place in everyones library! I received this dvd to review.