Get Ripped! Revved to the Max

Jari Love
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Jari leads this workout with 4 backgrounders in an open but dark set. You will need various dumbbells and an optional step bench for this workout. This is a moderate weight, high rep strength workout done at an aerobic pace. My heartrate was up and stayed up for the majority of the workout. The backgrounders provide various intensity and equipment modifications. The dvd is broken down into one 60 minute w/o or 2 30 min w/o's. Each multi-limb exercise is repeated for five minutes w/ tempo variations.

Workout #1: Exercises include deadlift- row and side leg lift, side squat off step w/ clean & press variation, quick squats, square tap downs, lunge & press, dip & lat raise, pushup & trip dips, sit up w/ front raise, crunch variations, and twisting crunches.

Workout #2: Exercises include squat offs & front raise, squat & overhead press w/ a leg extension, funky squats & rotator cuff, gorilla walk over step & back fly, pulsing pliet to lunges, reverse crunch & toe drops, and lay down to stand ups.

Following Jari this is an intermediate workout but adjust your poundage and follow a mod for a more or less challenging workout. This workout really gets the job done- my muscles were thoroughly worked in both 30 min w/o's (I did them separately), my heart was pumping, and I was drenched in sweat. There is no wasted time and you are really moving nonstop in this. A lot of the exercises were new to me/ unique. Having said that- there was not a lot of fun factor for me. If you are looking for a "get-in get-out" workout that provides strength & cardio- this is the perfect workout for you. I received this dvd to review.