A.S.A.P Hardball Conditioning

Paul Katami
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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Paul leads this 68 minute dumbbell strength & med ball cardio w/o with 2 b/ger's in a nice brick "gym" set. Paul does a great job of providing modification options to up or down the intensity as needed.

The format of this workout is 5 minutes of med ball cardio followed by 10 minutes of dumbbell strength work. The cardio also hits your muscles making this is a great strength and cardio workout. The intensity of each move gets more challenging as you go - the cardio turns into plyo moves & he adds in upper body to the strength work. Plenty of tempo changes to keep it interesting & he includes some nice intensity bursts!

Exercises Include: step touch to slalom, power lunge & power squats, lunge-squat-dip combo w/ tri extensions & bi curls, ball to ground-down to a pushup- jump up w/ the ball, dribble & bounce, lunge -ball pass under the knee, lateral lunge w/ ball, shoot & pass, side lunge & lat row and back fly, lunge & chop, dip w/ OH press, statick dip and OH tricep extension, high knee run, fast feet, and he concludes the workout with a nice heavy lifting section.

I rate this a lower advanced or very high intermediate workout. Love the format- love getting a killer cardio workout while really hitting each muscle group. And I'm a huge fan of med ball cardio- and these were super fun routines! I was def feeling it the next day! Paul is an excellent lead- great energy, cuing, and form pointers. He is quickly becoming an all time fav lead of mine! Can not wait to try more from him. Received this dvd to review.