Kettlebody by Brook: Bell Body Sculpt

Brook Benten
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Kettlebell

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This is a 28 minute kettlebell strength routine led by Brook in a nice open studio w/ cute lime green curtains in the background. Brook works out w/ 2 backgrounders. Brook offers modifications or variations on many of the exercises. You will only need a kettlebell for this workout (I used a variety of dumbbells 10-25#'s). The dvd includes a cooldown chapter (same c/d on the cardio dvd) and a chapter on safety & techniques.

Brook provides lots of tempo changes to keep your muslces guessing and the time flying. The pace is just right-not rushed but no time is wasted. This workout really targets on the upper body & core but also includes a set of squats & deadlifts that work the lower body.

Exercises include: You begin with a nice squat series, and then move into deadlifts, single leg deadlifts, pushups, plank row, side plank with a KB raise, static runners lunge & row, upright rows, back fly, French press, bi curl variations, and concludes with core work: full body extensions, static bike holds, weighted sit ups, 1/2 roll up, and a crunch series.

I would rate this a solid intermediate kettlebell strength workout. I will admit I am not a huge kettlebell fan but I actually LOVED this one- this is most definitely the best kettlebell workout I have done; not one swing, accomplishes a lot in only 30 minutes, great cuing, unique functional exercises, and the strength work really got my heart rate up! I really like Brooks instruction style and demeanor. I received this dvd to review.