Kettlebody by Brook Yoga Burn

Brook Benten
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Yoga

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This is a 30 minute power yoga routine that is part of the 3 dvd set "Kettlebody by Brook." Brook leads in a nice open studio w/ cute lime green curtains in the background. Brook works out w/ 2 backgrounders, both providing various levels of modifications and Brook performing the intermediate level. You wont need any equipment for this workout. Brook does a fantastic job of incorporating yoga inspired strength and cardio bursts into this power yoga workout. This is tied w/ Jillians Yoga Meltdown as my most fav yoga workouts!!!!! Quick moving but not rushed.

Exercises include: walking chair, tricep pushups, down dog, up dog, squat jacks, static runners lunge knee pull, Mt. climber hops, 3 legged dog, 1 leg pushups, chataranga, warrior C w/ a balance knee pull, plank knee pulls, and finishes w/ a nice core section. Time goes by quickly & I found this to be a very unique yoga routine.

I would rate this a solid to high intermediate yoga workout but follow a mod to get a more or less intense workout. I love love love that Brook fuses strength & cardio exercises into this power yoga routine. The routine flows superbly well and the pace is just right! Making this unique, effective, and fun for the yogi and non-yogi alike!