Ultimate Body Sculpt & Conditioning, Vol. 3

Lauren Brooks
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell

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“Ultimate Body Sculpt & Conditioning Vol. 3” is led by Lauren Brooks, and has an instructional segment that demos 23 exercises, 3 primary workouts (one upper body focused w/ KBs, one lower body focused w/ KBs, one total body workout that uses KBs and TRX), joint mobility section (used for warm-up or cool-down), and a core segment (uses mostly TRX & KB for one exercise, this segment is included w/ the KB & TRX workout). Lauren states in the introduction that this video is not for beginners, and that people who are not familiar w/ swing variations and snatches should try her “Ultimate Body Sculpt & Conditioning Vol. 1” (detailed instruction swings) or 2 (detailed instruction on snatches) or for more detailed instruction try her instructional video “Kettlebell Workshop w/ Z-Health” (co-led by Sara Cheatham, covers swings, snatches & double bell exercises). Or one can use a different KB video led by a certified instructor and/or previous training to have familiarity w/ the exercises in this video.

The majority of the KB exercises in the video are for double bell exercises, but they are sequenced w/ single bell exercises in the workouts & alternating arms exercises (holding two bells), so it has a good variety of exercises for those wanting a challenge (transition into incorporating the double exercises into routines) and with progressions to do so. There are cues for single bell options for some double exercise, if one needs that modification, and cues to hold the bells at sides vs. rack position. The exercises are time based, mostly 25-60 seconds per exercise/group of (no rep ranges cued), and are sequenced as single exercises, pairs, groups of 3 followed by rests (30 seconds) in the primary workouts. The core workout has shorter rests (15 seconds), and work interval for 35 seconds. After each primary workout is completed, a screen pops up titled “Now What?” that provides options/recommendations for what to do next, by using the other segments from this video. There is a timer for each exercise, and a screen during rests that cue the next exercises.

This is my first experience w/ double kettlebells workouts on DVD. I use Lauren’s other two volumes often and like those (variety of exercise, few well-sequenced workouts, great instruction) so I knew that I would likely click this DVD, too. I have used the joint mobility, Power Burn & Strength Upper & Lower body segments. I like the short duration of time (don’t tend to like KB workouts over 45 min.), these workouts can work alone or as an add-on to others (I’ve used both ways, either works well). They have a good cardio effect and good mix of exercises that are sequenced well (don’t feel repetitive and work total body, even though titled upper or lower body segment). I used a pair of 18 lbs. for exercises, except windmill (use single bell, lighter weight). The core-focused workout requires the use of a TRX, but one could perform similar exercises on a stability ball. In the KB & TRX workout, a stability ball or bench could be subbed for some suspended exercises (push-ups, single leg squat, lunge) but would not work for all (arm & row exercises).

I liked that the workouts are not just composed of all double bell exercises, so it feels very doable to someone new or bit apprehensive about trying workouts w/ double bell exercises (but can be challenging for those experienced, use heavier bells, complete more reps, repeat a workout). The double snatches were the most challenging to coordinate for me (thought they would be), but cleans, clean & press & front squats were a lot easier to perform than I thought they would be (glad that many exercises were not so hard to learn & complete multiple reps, not just 1-3).

Cast: Della (was a cast member in Lauren’s Vol. 2) and Mark de Grasse (from My Mad Methods online magazine), both demoed good form.

Set: Outside, set-up around a gorgeous pool

Equipment: two bells of same size, one lighter bell, *TRX (suspension trainer) for core segment & KB & TRX workout*

Demonstrations/Instructional (17 min.): 23 exercises led by Lauren. Dela demos most of the KB exercises, but Lauren does demo a few of the KB exercises & all of the TRX exercises

Kettlebell exercises
Double Sumo Deadlift
Renegade Rows: recommends to use at least 12 kg/18 lbs. bells for two bells
Push Ups on Two Bells: modification on knees
Sumo Squat Thrust on Two Bells
Double Floor (chest) Press
Double Bent Over Row
Double Windmills
Double Swings: extra hip power w/ two bells
Double Cleans: same starting position as cleans
Double (military/shoulder)Press
See Saw (alternating) Military Press
Double High Pull
Double Snatches
Double Front Squat
Alternating (Gorilla)Cleans

TRX exercises
Back (Bodyweight) Rows
TRX Single Leg Squat: modification lower halfway down
TRX Chest Press (suspended push-ups)
TRX Standing Roll-out
TRX Suspended lunge w/ KB
TRX High Bicep Curl
TRX Tricep press (extension)
TRX Suspended Crunch

Mobility for warm-up or cool-down (5 min.): mostly bodyweight, does use a bell for one exercise (halo) & TRX for one exercise (but a bodyweight option shown, too)

Lateral Neck flexion: hold two bells (same size) in hands, lower ear to shoulder & reverse motion> repeat on other side.

Halos: use lighter bell, both directions.

Hip circles: both directions.

Knee twists: lift knee up & hold> shake (twist) it side to side> repeat on other side.

Knee circles: both directions.

Ankle circles: both directions & both feet.

Wrist circles: both directions.

TRX figure 4 stretch or (no equipment) dynamic standing pigeon pose (alternate lower & lift, no static hold)> repeat on other side.

Power Burn & Strength Upper Body Emphasis (18 min.)

Pairs of exercises: 25 seconds per exercise (perform both), followed by 30 seconds rest
Double Floor Press
See Saw Floor Press

Double Swings
Double High Pulls

Double Bent Over Row
Alternating Bent Over Row

Push Ups on Kettlebells
Renegade Rows

Double Clean and Press
Double See Saw Press

Pairs of exercises (no rest between): 30 seconds per first exercise/double, 60 seconds per second exercise/single arm (30 seconds per arm), 30 second rest after both completed

Double Floor Press
One Arm Swing (left & right): 30 seconds per side

Double Bent Over Row: wide stance w/ legs/feet
One Arm High Pull (left & right): 30 seconds per side

Push-ups on Bells
One Arm Clean (left & right): 30 seconds per side

Renegade Rows
One Arm Snatch (left & right): 30 seconds per side

Group of 3 exercises: 30 seconds per exercise, no rest between exercises
Double Press
Two Handed Swings
Alternating Swings

Power Burn & Strength Lower Body Emphasis (14 min.)

60 seconds per exercise or group of, followed by 30 seconds rest
Windmill variations (both sides): double or single variations (both demoed)

Single leg deadlift (both sides): uses two bells

Double clean, Double squat to Back lunge: alternate legs for rear lunge, modification: use one bell if two is too difficult

Sumo Squat Thrusts: uses two bells

Windmill variations

Group of 3 exercises: 20 seconds per exercise, no rest between exercises, 30 second rest after all 3 completed

Double Alternating Back lunges: bells held in rack position or held to sides, alternating back lunges

Double Alternating Forward Lunges: bells held in rack position or held to sides, alternating front lunges

Double (or) Alternating Snatches (single bell): perform either double snatches or alternating snatches (snatch, swing to change hands, snatch, repeat)

30 second rest

Alternating Double Cleans

Double Swings

Double Waiter Walk: rack bells, then bring overhead & walk around space w/ overhead arms
30 second rest

Pair of exercises: 60 seconds total
Sumo Deadlift & Renegade Row Combo

Kettlebell & Suspension Training Combo w/ Core Focus (28 min.)

KB & Suspension Training Combo (20 min.)

30 seconds per side or exercise
TRX Single Leg Squat (left & right): modification, perform traditional squat (both feet on floor)
Two Handed Swings 35 seconds
30 second rest

Group of 3 exercises, 35 seconds per exercise, no rest between exercises
TRX Suspended chest press
TRX Body Rows or Pull-ups
Hand 2 Hand Swing
30 seconds rest

35 seconds per side or exercise, no rest between exercises
TRX Suspended Lunge w/ a Kettlebell Press (left & right): modification, no press, just hold bell in rack position
Alternating (or) Double Snatches
30 seconds rest

35 seconds per exercise, no rest between exercises
TRX High Biceps curl
TRX triceps extension
Squat Jumps: bodyweight or w/ TRX
30 seconds rest

Repeat entire sequence once.

Core Focus (8 min.): 35 seconds per exercise, 15 sec. rest/transition after each

TRX Roll-out: start from standing position or modification on knees

TRX Suspended Crunch: elbows or hands, start prone (face-down) w/ feet in straps> pull knees into chest & reverse motion

TRX Hip Press: start supine (face-up) w/ feet in straps> hip raise & reverse motion

Kettlebell Russian Twists: feet off of floor

Repeat entire circuit once

Instructor Comments:
Lauren is soft-spoken w/ her no nonsense personality, but she does smile often in these workouts. And gives great form pointers & encouragement.