URX-MT High Intensity Metabolic Circuit With Resistance Bands

Gregg Cook
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

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Greg leads this 50 min w/o in a in a brick walled gym w/ 3 b/g exercisers. This workout is cardio and strength rebounding. You will need 1-3 # sand weights, your Urban Rebounder, and UR resistance bands for this workout.

The workout includes band & sand weight strength work and the sand weights are also used to amp up the intensity of the cardio. The workout is broken down into 3 circuits each containing 2 rounds of the each group of exercises and include recovery time. Each exercise lasts about 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of active recovery (jacks, etc). There is no jumping on and off the UR in this w/o but you do use the perimeter of the rebounder for various exercises. The workout concludes with balance & core work.

Exercises include: overhead band squats, weighted rocket jumps, fast rotations, long arm extensions (core), band back fly, 1 leg band squats, band pushups, fast single leg hop w/ a front raise, weighted balancing swan dive, jump rope, burpees, circle hops, slow balance runner, weighted side V sits, reverse curls, & a tough knee balance core move.

I rate this an advanced workout- more cardio than strength but does provide some strength work. Greg provides excellent form pointers and his cuing is very good. He does a great job of utilizing the bands & sand weights to really amp up the intensity of this workout. I like him as a lead. Great addition to the set. Hope they put out more UR w/o's utilizing the bands! I received this dvd to review.