PeakFit Challenge: Pure Cardio

Michelle Dozois
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a solid and fun workout, if you like high impact. Michelle and a big group of background exercisers do four combinations twice each through three levels of intensity. The workout was well planned and well executed. It has these sections: warmup, four combos done twice back to back, followed by a cool down and stretch; and is largely made up of mostly kickboxing moves.

However, it is too high impact and intensity for me. I'm 51 and have lost of a lot of fitness capacity over the past year. I had a knee replacement last year and my body just can't do this type of workout any more.

Instructor Comments:
She is motivating. She is focused on her target market, people who want to change their body through intense workouts. I just don't fall in that group.

Laura S.


Michelle leads this 54 minute workout in a spacious white & hardwood room with a group of background exercisers. You will not need any equipment for this workout. A few modifications are shown.

This is a solid non-stop cardio workout that includes the base move, ascent, and climb but doesnt hit the peak- which was fine by me as it was still a great sweat inducing w/o that burned a lot of calories. The w/o is broken into four 10 min intervals consisting of two 5 minute rounds. The first round is done on one side (i.e. left) and then the second is repeated on the other (i.e. right) side.

Exercises include kickboxing and old school aerobic exercises such as: kick and punch combos, double jog, moguls, plenty of big arm movements, front to back job, shuffle to floor touch, side twists, plyo lunges, hammer throw-knee pull, heel jacks, knee up/knee strikes, hi knee jog, ski, hopping, and skaters. Includes lots of directional changes.

Michelle does a great job of including a nice mix of high & low impact exercises but combines the moves to keep it pretty high intensity. I rate this a high intermediate workout. The sequencing of the exercises makes this challenging workout doable but with no dread. Michelle is a great lead, love her energy. There are few reps of many different types of moves & some of the changes are fast, but I still fine on my first attempt. Fun, unique patterns. Love the addition of low impact/ high intensity moves! There is one song in this one w/ a very loud whistle that I could have lived without but otherwise I enjoyed the music quite a bit.