Gold's Gym Get Me in My Skinny Jeans!

Jennifer Galardi
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

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This workout has 3 ten-minute segments. You can "play all" for a 30 minute workout. Each segment is led by a different instructor. The cover lists 3 pieces of equipment: Aerobic Step, Resistance band, and Jump Rope. One piece of equipment is used in each segment. Jen Galardi leads the step segment, which is athletic in style. (Her segment is also found in Gold's Gym Bootcamp My Booty workout.) Each segment is done as 2 circuits that are repeated, for a total of 4 circuits in each 10 minutes. There's no cooldown. This workout is lower-body focused, but since it's a circuit workout, you get a good all-over cardio effect.

I liked this workout. It's beginner/intermediate. Actually less beginner than I expected - I was pleasantly suprised.

Instructor Comments:
All instructors did a good job. All had good presentation and cueing.