Get Real with Shaun T Cardio

Shaun T.
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Children and Teens

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Shaun T leads “Get Real Cardio” a 23 min. cardio workout that incorporates drills of athletic cardio (really is like Insanity-lite or Insanity Jr., as my son likes to call it). My son (age 11) liked this workout (the Get Real workouts are his first intro. into using fitness videos), most of the exercise were easy for him to pick up, even though many of the sports drill exercises were new to him (easier to learn than the Get Real Strength exercises). My son did feel that he was working hard the entire time, and couldn’t wait for the time to be over for some of the exercises (like the jumps). I did this workout w/ my son, and thought it was a solid workout for kids, teens & adults (surprised at how fast paced it was). Shaun T is motivating, and provides good cues & instruction for the cast (and users), and reminded users to take breaks, drink water & follow modifications if needed to make the workout work for their needs.

There is a timer displayed during the workout, and Shaun does cue how much time is left (in seconds) for a particular exercise or will cue to perform the number of reps (time for 4 or 8 more).

Cast: 6 tween-teenaged children (3 boys, 3 girls), and there is an exerciser modifier (called simplifier) for low impact/intensity modifications.

Set: Gray flooring, brick walls w/ white covered windows

Equipment: none, the cast does have water bottles & towels on set.

Music: canned music

Cardio (23: 40 min)

Warm-up: Shaun introduces all of the casts’ names first

Run in place w/ heel kicks (flexed foot). Modification: marches

Jumping jacks: w/ overhead arms. Modification: step tap to side.


Boxer shuffle: lift heels & small hop w/ side to side movement

Shake body out

Stretch: Inhale arms overhead & exhale to reverse motion> clasp hands w/ straight arms, behind back, for shoulder stretch> Shoulder stretch (one arm crosses body, other arm bends & hooks other arm), both sides> hamstring stretch (one side at time, middle, then other side)> return to center> roll body up to standing position w/ overhead arms.

Shake body out

Workout: 30 seconds per exercise and/or side

Circuit #1: Boxing, kicks

Speedbag arms (bent arms, fists circle each other) w/ jumps: body faces side, complete all reps on one side, then other side. Modification: no jump, small bend in knees.

Jabs (punch to front): fast paced, complete all reps on one side, then the other.

Shake body out

Upper Cuts punches: alternating sides, at own pace> fast pace

Hook punches: alternating sides at own pace> fast pace

Elbow (strikes): alternating sides at fast pace

Shake Body out

Front kicks: leg starts in rear (ball of foot on floor), kick front, then reverse motion. Complete reps on one side, then other. Modification: alternate tapping heel of foot to front.

Side kicks: body faces side, kick leg to rear. Complete all reps on one side> shake body out> then complete on other side.

Circuit #2: Athletic Drills

Happy Feet: fast feet movement w/ hands clasped in front of body (upper body stays still)

Shuffle w/ fast feet: 3 steps to side w/ hand clap, alternating sides

Shake body out

High knee jogs: body faces side for high knee lifts. Modification: run w/ heel kicks> fast pace.

High Knee Jogs w/ alternating arm overhead reach (standing mountain climbers)

Circuit #3: Sports Drills

Basketball drills
3 fast-paced (sprint) steps to side w/ hand tap to floor, alternating sides.

Shooting ball: jumps w/ arms miming throwing a basketball into the basket. Modification: no jump, small bend in knees.

Run Lunges: arms on waist>opposite arms swing back & forth

Track & Field
Hurdle: sprint in place w/ jump (as high as possible).

Mummy kicks: straight legs, alternate kicking forward w/ arms held in front of body.

Shake Body Out

Butt kicks: heels aim for butt (same exercise from warm-up but faster pace & bigger range of motion)


Inhale w/ overhead arms, exhale & reverse motion> wide squat/sumo position (wide stance of legs w/ turned out feet), hinge forward w/ bent arms, elbows placed on inside of knee, hold stretch> hamstring stretch> inhale arms overhead, exhale to reverse motion> side stretch w/ overhead arm, both sides> inhale arms overhead, exhale to reverse motion.

Discussion (question & answers) w/ Shaun T & cast (3:12 min)
Discusses why movement is important, benefits of cardio/aerobic exercise, water for hydration, negatives of drinking soda & feedback on this workout.

Instructor Comments:
Shaun is much more mellow (than in his other workouts, like Hip Hop Abs or Insanity) but motivating in this workout, and he is spot on in cues to push kids to do more & when to encourage them to listen to their body (and scale back).