Get Real with Shaun T Strength

Shaun T.
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Children and Teens

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Get Real w/ Shaun T Strength is a 26 min. total body circuit that consists of bodyweight exercises, and geared towards children age 9+. There are 3 circuits w/ different lower body, upper body & ab exercises. Circuits 1 & 2 consist of mostly standing exercises (except push-ups), and circuit 3 consists of floor exercises. This workout is placed on the same DVD w/ the “Get Real” cardio workout, and it is recommended that users alternate the videos, and use 5-6 times per week. A short pamphlet w/ a 30-day calendar, rotation recommendations, healthy snacks & tips on reading nutrition labels.

Before my son (age 11) tried this workout, he asked if it would be like “Insanity Jr.” because Shaun T is leading it (and he’s seen me use those videos & working hard), which I thought was funny (the Get Real cardio workout actually does incorporate some of the exercises in drill format like in Insanity). This was his first time using an exercise video, most of the children fitness videos on the market are geared towards very young kids, so I chose this because it’s geared towards tweens+ (and to supplement his martial arts training). My son liked the workout, he said it was not boring, and some of the exercises were hard for him (because he’s never done them before, like the floor work & standing abs). He liked Shaun T as an instructor, “he was just right” not talking too fast or slow (and understandable). I did some of the workout w/ my son, and helped him w/ form pointers.

I think that some kids may need to pause the video for more practice, especially if the exercises are new to them. I think this is a great total body workout for older kids (even for teens & adults looking for a no-frills total body workout, they could add resistance and/or more reps to exercises, or repeat a circuit, to up intensity/challenge) w/ good form pointers & Shaun is very encouraging, but my younger ones were trying out some of the exercises, too (fun for them to copy their brother).

Cast: 6 tween-teenaged children (3 boys, 3 girls), and there is an exerciser modifier (called simplifier) for low impact/intensity modifications.

Set: Gray flooring, brick walls w/ white covered windows

Equipment: none, the cast does have water bottles & towels on set.

Music: canned music

Strength (26: 38 min)

Warm-up: Shaun introduces all of the casts’ names first

Run in place w/ heel kicks

Jump rope

Happy feet: fast feet movement w/ bent arms held close to body

Shake body out

Stretch: Inhale arms overhead & exhale to reverse motion> side bends w/ hands on hips> hamstring stretch (one side at time, middle, then other side)> return to center> roll body up to standing position w/ overhead arms.

Workout portion
Circuit #1

Lower Body
Wide Squats: wide stance of legs (some of the cast has parallel feet, some turned out).

Hop Squat: little hops (lift heels, not much lift off of floor) from lowered position of wide squat, hands clasped & arms held in front of body.

Inner thigh Squat (narrow stance of legs)

Jump Squats: jump up high from lowered position of squat, w/ both arms reaching overhead (w/ jump), modification: wide squat

Upper Body
Push-ups: on toes or knees.15 seconds slow pace, 15 seconds fast pace> Roll up to standing position.

Knee lifts: w/ crunch, hands on head, alternating sides.
Hammer: alternate leg lift to front w/ overhead arms, pulling down to meet leg (w/ crunch).

Circuit #2

Lower Body
Lunges: static (in place, not traveling forwards or backwards)> pulses (less range of motion, faster pace)> isometric hold in lowered position> repeat on other side.

Upper Body
Lateral raises: hands balled into fists w/ straight arms> pulses> Arm circles w/ arms extended out to side, both directions. Recommends to add resistance when wanting more intensity.

Oblique crunches: knee lift to side w/ crunch & over head arm pulling down to meet knee, alternate sides.
Water break

Circuit #3

Lower Body
Leg lifts: from tabletop position (on all fours), extend straight leg to back & lift up> Glute kickbacks (bend straight leg & lift up)> Side knee raise (lift bent knee to side/turned out position)> child’s pose> repeat on other side.

Upper Body
Tricep dips: 15 seconds slow pace, 15 seconds fast pace.

Knee crunches: from seated position w/ bent knees in front of body, lean back a bit to engage abs (C-curve/shape of spine)> alternate lifting knees to chest w/ bent arms held close to body.

Leg extension w/ clap under: from same position as previous (C-Curve of spine)> alternate lifting leg w/ hands clapping under leg.

Roll up to standing position> inhale w/ overhead arms, exhale & reverse motion> shoulders rolls, both directions> inhale arms overhead, exhale to reverse motion.

Discussion w/ Shaun & cast (3 min.)

Shaun asks the cast questions (about fitness, diet) & discusses his own experiences w/ exercise & fitness. All of the cast seem to answers questions, honestly, doesn’t seem scripted.