Get Fit Kids Vol. 1

Kristi Dear
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Children and Teens

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Kristi Dear leads Get Fit Kids Vol. 1 Hustle-Bustle Move Your Muscles is a 29 min. total body, bodyweight workout that has three segments for the workout portion: Arms, Legs & cardio w/ basic choreography, along w/ a warm-up, cool-down & short healthy snacks segment (provides a rest for kids). She sings the cues for the exercises,and the songs are simple & catchy, my daughter likes them and sings the songs when not using the video (but parents may find it annoying, over time, even though she has a nice voice). There is a computer generated bear, JoJo Fitz (muscular) that interacts w/ Kristi, and performs some of the exercise (I think it looks a bit odd w/ the muscles but my daughter likes him). The workout is filmed on a green/blue screen, and different CG graphics & backgrounds are displayed for the segments (gym setting, outdoor setting, heart for cardio, star for arms, diamonds for legs, flowers for cool-down).

I think that the exercise were easy to follow (simple & repetitive sequences), and the songs seem to help the kids be engaged w/ the movements. It was great that Kristi talked about the different muscle groups & organs w/ actual anatomical names, my daughter likes talking about the different muscles (most videos for little kids do not do that), but then there were minutes passing w/ the kids not exercising. When Kristi discusses the next segment of exercises, this provides the kids w/ a rest.

Overall, a good video for young kids (older would be bored & think the songs were silly) to get them moving, while learning common exercises and about different body parts that are used during exercise & everyday life. Minor issue, I think a bit more form pointers for some exercises would be helpful to the kids at following along at home, instead of them just copying her movements (some may learn best w/ more description in the verbal/auditory cues). Like for the tricep extension (cue: arms move to the back), squat (like sitting in a chair) lunges, which was really a side step & tap,(cue: to the side & tap other leg) & the bend/bend (itís forward hinge, make sure back is flat)which would help the users at home. But parents can do the video w/ their kids, and explain what to do verbally, if kids need more guidance (I did).

Cast: there are young kids (toddler-kindergarten age) who perform the exercises (to the best of their abilities). The video alternates showing the kids exercising, JoJo Fitz bear exercising & parts w/ Kristi cueing & performing the exercises.

Music: upbeat instrumental

Warm-up: sequence repeats numerous times

Swim like a fish: swimmer arms forward

Warm it Up: both arms reach to sides, alternating, and at fast pace.

Little Fingers: fingers wiggle in front of body

Warm it Up

Reach: alternate arm reach to side

Warm it Up

Bend/Bend: Hinge forward & reverse motion

Warm it Up

Toe touches: slow pace

Warm it Up

Big Arms: arm circles to back

Arms Workout: discusses the arm muscles, biceps & triceps

Bicep curl

Tricep extension

Overhead press

Chest press

Overhead press: single arm, both arms

Punches: alternate arms, to front

Shake body (arms move to sides w/ movement)

Move your arms: alternate fast-paced reach to side & overhead

Legs workout: Discusses the leg muscles, quadriceps & hamstrings (and points to each muscle during the exercises)


Move & Move: shake shoulders & hips to move them

Kick: alternating front kick

Lunge: alternating to each side

Turn around: march in circle, both directions

March: in place

Step: alternate stepping forward

Cardio workout: discusses the cardiovascular system (heart & lungs) & benefits of cardio/aerobic exercise

Knee lifts: alternate side w/ waving (overhead arm reach)

Twist side to side: alternate hips twisting to each side, arms at side of body> one arm makes flexed muscle arm (bicep)

Jump Low (in lowered position of squat, heels lift a little off of ground), Jump high (bigger jump off ground), Jump low

Jumping Jacks

Hop: jumps to side


Turn in place

Healthy Snack break: provides a rest for kids, discusses negatives of eating junk food, positives of eating fruit as a healthy snack. It shows visuals of fruit (real & drawn) traveling around a visual neighborhood, and footage of real kids playing outside & eating healthy snacks.

Cool-down: discusses purpose of cool-down, sequence repeats multiple times
All from seated position

Hug arms to body

Stretch & reach to sides

Reach down & touch your toes (reach arms in front of body to touch floor)

Push up high (alternate reach arms overhead)

Sail w/ arms (clasped hands, arms move in motion of waves)

Sleep (hands clasped w/ head tilted on them)

Arms sweep to side & overhead, reverse motion

Instructor Comments:
Kristi has a nice personality, and leads the workout & talks to the kids (at home) about concepts in a genuinely encouraging & knowledgable manner.