Floor-Barre Series #3, Centers Mind & Body

Zena Rommett
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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I recently got this workout and wanted to provide a review since the only other review is from 2004. As the other reviewer states, this is two workouts. The first is 40 minutes and feels slightly easier than the second workout which runs 35 minutes. I'm mainly working out with Tracy Anderson but throw in Margaret Richard or Joyce Vedral now and then. I did not find these difficult to complete but did feel some soreness the next day - in a good way! I did both workouts on back-to-back days and noticed the middle of my back was sore. Clearly, I needed to work that area. Note that they do not mirror cue and this can be problem when they roll over - if I roll over the same way I can't see my TV screen. I was able to workout around this, but it may be a deal breaker for some. I find these good for days when I want a workout but have low energy.

Instructor Comments:
Zena gives meticulous instructions. I used the email in contact us to find query which workout they would recommend and received a reply in about 24 hours - on the weekend! It was shipped promptly and I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.



The floor barre technique, created by Zena Rommett, is good for anyone who wants the benefits of classical ballet without pressure on the knees and feet. Almost all of the movements are done lying down or seated. There are two workouts - 40 minutes and 35 minutes. Both have a very different feel to them, although I liked the second workout slightly better, especially the choice of traditional classical music. The production quality is rather low but I did like the setting - exposed brick and wooden floors with bright lighting - nothing garish or gloomy. The workout is available on VHS or DVD-r.

Instructor Comments:
Zena Rommett is very meticulous about form.