Move 'N Groove Kids Go to the Park

Deborah Damast
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Children and Teens

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Deborah Damast is a dance instructor who leads this 21 min. workout that consists of bodyweight exercises for cardio & stretching (in warm-up & cool-down). It’s mostly voice-over or Deborah cueing (in front of a visual) what will happen next or she discusses a short fact on butterflies/frogs, sports and/or sport equipment or movements w/ a visual (provides a short rest between exercises). She is not performing most of the exercises or is on set much w/ the kids, just during the cool-down or when the kids are skipping or running, is she is on set w/ them (briefly). This video is created to get kids moving & w/ fun in mind w/ the visuals (names of exercise & graphics displayed on screen, monkey character “Munki”) & different outdoor scenes (park, lake, mountains). The exercise are focused on park-inspired and animal/insect movements, not structured drills or perfect form (free-style). There are some partner exercises mixed into the workout, too.

It’s geared towards children ages 2-7 years-old, and the warm-up is much more detailed/technical than the actual exercises in the workout portion are. I think the form pointers are very good in this entire workout, seemed vague for the warm-up & some of the exercises in Deborah’s “Move ‘N Groove Kids Go to the Zoo.” And there are enough reps & repetition, and actual counting out of tempo for the kids to better follow & practice the exercises (improvement from the other video that I mentioned) in the warm-up. My daughter (age 5) likes the partner exercises section (to do w/ me), and the exercises in the workout section were easy for her to pick-up. The warm-up exercises have taken more practice for her (she had an easier time learning the moves for the Move ‘N Groove Zoo workout, and seems to like/enjoy the Zoo workout more than this one). Deborah provides encouraging comments w/ a cheerful personality & good form pointers (brief, but clear) for young children.

Set: similar set of the “Move ‘N Groove Kids Go to the Zoo video” w/ alternates between white walls & floor w/ colored circles on floor & 3D shapes around the set (extended from ceiling & on floor), & outdoor scenes (park w/ swings, or ocean w/boat, mountains & clouds for freeze dance).

Cast: children (boys & girls, variety of ages), the kids demo all of the exercises and it’s nice to see all of their individual styles (encouraged, not much form correction).

Music: upbeat instrumental, similar/same to the other Move ‘N Groove workout

Intro by Deborah (50 sec.): kids introduce themselves, Deborah recommends to have space to move about freely & discusses the movement patterns in the workout

Warm-up (4 min.)
Rock: seated position, alternate leaning body to each side w/ hand tap to floor

Roll: seated position, roll arms (rotate fists in a circle in front of body) then alternate arm extending up in air> roll arms w/ both arms extending> clap hands.

Repeat Rock & Roll sequence w/ legs extended straight in front of body

Repeat Rock & Roll sequence w/ legs in straddle position> arms & upper body reach over to leg hold stretch to side

Straddle side stretch: alternate sides, 8 counts> 4 counts> 2 counts>single counts

Challenge: seated> arms & legs extend forward, off floor, for a hold> quick rest w/ arms & upper body reaching towards legs (floor)

Super challenge: Seated> legs extend in front of body, off floor> alternate crossing> quick rest w/ arms & upper body reaching towards legs (floor)

Super Duper challenge: legs & arms cross in front of body> add head turns to the arm & leg crosses> quick rest w/ arms & upper body reaching towards legs (floor)

Balance: body is face up on floor (feet & hands flat on floor, some have bottom/hips off floor, some are seated)> alternate waving w/ 1 foot, off of the floor> alternate waving one hand, off of floor> alternate waving one arm & foot, off of the floor.

Flip Around: from same position as previous exercise> place one foot/leg on top of other (crossed)> rotate body & turn around on floor w/ other leg.

Grow & Melting: alternate rolling body (spine) from lowered position (on floor) to standing/upright position (arms reach overhead), 8 count> 4 count> 2 count> singles

Jumps, freeze body at upper level/upright position> jump & twist, freeze body in mid level> Jump & Turn, freeze at low level/close to ground> shake bodies on floor & freeze in any shape/position.

Workout (16 min.)
Skip: in circle (around the room)

Rowing: rowing arms, forward & back, back & forth in standing position>travel around space w/ rowing arms

Frisbee: mime throwing & jumping up to catch a frisbee, turning body in a circle, throwing behind one’s body

Bicycle: seated position, arms & legs move in bicycle fashion at different tempo (slow/uphill, fast/downhill)> “flying” lie down floor w/ same arm leg movements

Flower: “grow” start in crouched position & rise from floor w/ arms stretching overhead, reverse motion for flower “sleeping”> from crouched position “pat down dirt” (hands tap ground)> sun & water flowers (raise one arm from previous position)

Swing: swing arms back & forth (to back of body & up in air), add jump at bottom & top of arm swing, swing side to side, swing & jump turn.

Butterfly: standing w/ arms folded around front of body (chrysalis), then spread “wings”/arms, “fly” arms flap up & down while traveling in around space

Frog jumps: jumps from floor, in place & forward, pretend to catch flies w/ mouth

Partner exercise: recommends to find sibling, friend, grown-up or stuffed animal
Rowing: kids face each other w/ legs in straddle position, hands clasped & feet together> alternate pushing & pulling forward & back

Swing: kids face each other w/ clasped hands> swing arms side to side & turn around

Leap Frog: Alternate jumping over each w/ frog jumps

Grow together: hold one hand, and rise from ground to stretch up (like a flower), reverse motion to sleeping flower (on floor)

“Search for Munki” by focusing on different exercises to move around (on the search)
Run: around space

Bicycle: seated position

Swings: swing arms, swing head, jump w/ arm swings

Frisbee: jump, mime throwing & catching a frisbee, turning in circle

Frog jumps: in place, forward

Row: rowing arms, forward & back, in seated position

Freeze Dance: free-style dancing alternated w/ freezing body in place.

Cool-down (1.5 min.)

Alternate X shape w/ body, lying face up on floor & fetal position, both sides> stretch upper body up w/ bent arms, lying face down.