Brazil Butt Lift - Bum Bum Rapido

Leandro Carvalho
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Bum Bum Rapido is part of the original Brazil Butt Lift set. It is designed as a quick (10.5 minutes total) workout for when you don't have enough time for the full Bum Bum. However, rather than just being a shortened version of Bum Bum, Rapido contains some of its own unique moves. Still, like Bum Bum, there is a strong cardio effect--my heart rate monitor had me in my target zone for 8 minutes of this 10 minute workout.

Leandro works out here on the same set as Bum Bum, and there are four female background exercisers. I found Leandro's cuing to be easy-to-follow; rather than mirror cue per se, he has a tendency to say "this leg" (similar to Leslie Sansone). He begins with a brief (1.5 minute) warm-up of wide-legged plie squats; this move transitions into a passe and then adds a rear lift (arabesque). Next comes a light jog with a side lunge/rear lunge; you then do the same lunge combo, but with jumping rope instead.

Continuing with lunges, Leandro first slowly moves through a lunge forward/plie back combination (alternating sides); he adds arm movements to this to be sure that you will keep you chest open. This is followed by a fast alternating lunge side-to-side. Next comes a bit more cardio: double squats interspersed with "super jacks," basically a simple plyo jump. Leandro then moves into side lunges with a knee lift. The final exercise is a standing side leg lift performed at various tempos. To finish, Leandro leads you through a short (1.5 minute) cool-down consisting of a standing figure 4 stretch and a hamstring stretch performed on each side.

This workout is short but intense! You will definitely feel the work in your glutes, and so I would definitely recommend giving Rapido a try if you are time-crunched.

Instructor Comments:
I found Leandro to be a bit goofy, and his heavy accent can be a little hard to understand at times, but overall, I didn't have any problems with him.

Beth C (aka toaster)