Ultraslider Workout

Kamala Mathis
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Gliding Disks

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This is a 28 min. instructional DVD led by Kamala Mathis (no warm-up or cool-down), it was included w/ the Jane Fonda/Go Fit Ultrasliders kit (version of gliding/sliding discs), although it could be used as a workout, too (Kamala does demo many reps for most exercises not just a couple reps) w/ pausing the workout or rewinding section to complete both sides (some exercises she only demos one side). It is chaptered (5).

Instruction is clear & detailed (she’s not overly chatty, just discusses what to do & which muscles are engaged), Kamala demos a base exercise, and then provides progressions to increase intensity & challenge. I have been using gliding workouts & incorporating gliding exercises into my workouts for some time, so I am always looking for new ideas of how to use them, this workout did provide me w/ some new exercises to use (but is excellent for newbies to gliding).

Equipment: mat & gliding discs.


Side & slide: Alternating squats: slide out to side & squat, hands on hips> faster pace w/ arms opening to side> add alternating arm sweep & slide to side (like ice skating).

Hamstring curl: lie supine w/ bent knees, heels of feet on discs>in this version the hips stay on floor (vs. raised in air), single leg, alternating legs> both legs.

Snow angels: lie supine w/ bent knees, feet on floor, hands on discs (side of body)> rotate arms & slide overhead w/ pinkies of hand resting on discs (at top of exercise), lower w/ palms of hand> add crunch when lowering arms to side> add alternating single leg extensions to crunch (foot is flexed or pointed)> add bent knee lift to crunch.

Oblique crunch (single-arm reach): lie supine w/ bent knees, one arm bent/hand behind head, other straight, next to body on disc, arm slides forward (side of body)> place both hands on discs and alternate sliding arm down.

Forward slide: in tabletop (quadruped) position w/ both hands on discs, alternate single arm slide forward> bend elbow of stationary arm to allow for further reach w/ arm> double arm slide forward.

Pilates Swing: lie on side of body w/ legs stacked, bottom leg is bent, top is straight & on disc, bottom arm is bent & supporting body on floor, top arm is in front of body>swing leg back & forward> add opposite motion arm swing, forward & back> add hip lift w/ back swing> hips held off of floor during back & forward swing.

Plank tuck: quadruped position, both feet on discs, elbows on floor, slide out to plank & hold> single leg slide-in (mountain climbers)> both legs slide-in (knee pull-in/tuck)> slide legs in on angle/ knees point to sides (work obliques).

Back extension: lie prone, both hands on discs, arms overhead>slide discs back & lift upper body (cobra position)>swimmers (arms slide forward, extend out & pull back in), upper body lifts w/ pull back> reverse motion (arms extend out to side, slide forward & back), upper body lifts w/ the slide back.

Sliding push-ups: Bent legs, one in front & back> both arms slide out (wide) to side w/ upper body lowering to ground (arms stay bent in lowered position)> diagonal slide w/ arms, alternate sides (arms are almost fully straightened in lowered position)> slide both arms forward.

Crunches: lie supine w/ bent knees, feet on floor, hands on discs (side of body)> upper body crunches & both hands slide forward, isometric hold, lower> extend single leg (w/ flexed foot) on lift of exercise> lift both legs (bent knees)w/ lift of exercise.