Skogg Systems Intervals

Michael Skogg
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell

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Equipment: kettlebell (could use one or have a few to work w/ in the workouts)

Set: gym w/ various bells, balls, plyo boxes in the back & side of room w/ grey flooring, white walls & lighting focused on Michael & crew.

Cast: two background exercisers (one female, one male), everyone works at their own pace, completing the reps that work for them. Michael & crew wear full coverage gloves for the workouts, likely need for levels 3 & 4 for the higher volume (sets & reps). I did not wear any for levels 1& 2 and it was fine (no jacked up hands), but I donít wear gloves for KB workouts anyway.

Music: Full audio (music & cues) or voice only.

There are 4 levels/workouts for this DVD, progressions from beginner to advanced levels, and the workouts are based on time (complete as many reps as possible for each exercise with good form). The entire video seems to be a seamless workout that was shot once, but edited so that it has the different rounds in it for each of the levels (same for other Skogg workouts). One could use the short workouts w/ heavier bells or for a short workout w/ appropriate bell size for a great workout. There are 6 exercises performed in a round, which consists of 3 intervals/groupings of two exercises. Michael does provide a 5 second countdown to allow users to prep for next exercise, and for the first round he does take time to put on his gloves & provide some heads up on what will occur in the workout (maybe a minute or so).

The work increases for each subsequent level by adding another round to complete (level 1=1 round, level 4=4 rounds). The same warm-up & cool-down is used for each workout. The workouts are chaptered by warm-up, exercises & cool-down. And there are form pointers displayed w/ action shots (front, side ariel/top view)of Michael in the workouts, w/ his constant, clear verbal form pointers & cues.

I have used the Level 1 & 2 workouts, and enjoyed the workouts (fast-paced, sequencing of exercises make the transitions flow well, the 30 seconds work on each side/rest ratio worked well, as the rest did not feel too long or too short for the work completed, no dread factor for the exercises). I like how for the work portion, one does not have to transition onto floor or have to perform bodyweight exercises for cardio effect, like burpees or plyos. There is more of a cardio effect than w/ Skogg Roots, and the warm-up was different (bodyweight, rotations to warm up body) which I thought was nice for getting the body prepped for the workout.

Warm-up (4 min.)

Alternate two bodyweight exercises w/ slow & controlled pace, 30 seconds each one for 3 mins total.

Scorpion: Start prone (face down on floor) w/ arms out to side, hands in fists (thumbs down on floor)> lifting one leg up and bend knee, to reach foot to opposite side (aim for arm) tap floor (or a far as possible), alternate sides.

Crucifix: Start supine (face up on floor) w/ arms out to side (palms up)> lift one leg up & rotate lower body to lower leg to floor, reverse motion, alternate sides.

Level 1 (8:45 min.): 1 sequence round of 3 intervals (groupings), 2 exercises per interval /grouping, 2 min. per interval (1 min. work per side), 30 seconds per exercise, complete all reps on one side first, then other side, & 30 second rest after both sides are completed.

Swing (1-arm) 30 sec.
Clean 30 sec.
Repeat on other side
Rest 30 sec.

Press (from rack position, no clean to prep) 30 sec.
High Pull 30 sec.
Repeat on other side
Rest 30 sec.

Squat (bell in rack position) 30 sec.
Snatch 30 sec.
Repeat on other side

Level 2 (16:46 min.) Repeat entire sequence/round (both sides) once. There is a 30 sec. rest after both rounds are finished.

Level 3 (24: 32 min.): Repeat entire sequence/round (both sides) twice. There is a 30 second rest after all rounds are completed.

Level 4/Warrior (32:04 min.) Repeat entire sequence (both sides) three times. There is a 30 second rest after 3 rounds are completed. For, the last round, thereís a 15 second rest.

Cool-down (6:25 min.)

Childís pose> from previous, place one arm under other (palm up), both sides> childís pose w/ fingers further forward> Cobra>Downward dog, then elevate heels onto toes & lower heels> lift one leg up & hold> lower leg between arms into low lunge w/ body leaning forward (hands on floor, side of body)> place right hand on inside of right foot & lower chest to floor w/ bent arms> lift upper body into upright position for upright lunge(hip flexor stretch position), then push hips forward for hip & quad stretch> return to downward dog & repeat sequence on other side> downward dog> walk hands to feet for Rag Doll pose> roll body up to standing position, roll shoulders back & open arms.

Instructor Comments:
Michael instructs & performs the workouts the entire time, he has great form & continually goes over form pointers throughout the workouts. He has a likeable personality (no-nonsense but genuine, he smiles but not overkill), and his cues/chatter does not get old to hear (no cheesy jokes or just talking to take up time).