Core Blast

Tracey Staehle
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Bosu and Balance Disks/Boards, Step Aerobics

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I am an intermediate/advanced exerciser who is always looking for non-traditional core workouts, so when I heard that Tracey Staehle was producing a new workout utlising a variety of equipment, I couldn’t wait to pre-order Core Blast. I have Tracey’s earlier core workout, Core Strength & Conditioning, 45 minutes of challenging core work using a stability ball, so I was expecting something of similar intensity. What I got, however, was 50 minutes of core work I can barely feel. I would rate Core Blast as suitable for beginners or low-intermediates at best.

Core Blast provides nine mini-workouts, each about five minutes long, grouped into three 15-minute segments — standing abs; abs on the stability ball, step or BOSU; and floor abs. The standing abs include five minutes each of boxer’s bobs and weaves, oblique work with a dumbbell, and medicine ball work. This section is fun and provides a nice warm-up.

The step/BOSU section wasn’t challenging at all. In one exercise called “get up and get down”, you sit on the step or BOSU and quickly stand up without using your hands for support. It looked tough on the preview clip I saw, but was surprisingly easy.

The floor section includes planks and a different take on Pilates. The Pilates was fun, but again, too easy.

Throughout the DVD, there is a lot of giggling and banter between Tracey and her background exercisers, one of whom is her sister Jill. This is cute at first but gets very irritating on repeated viewings. Tracey repeatedly refers to Jill as a “rock star” — a descriptor which even appears on the back cover of the DVD!

All up, after doing Core Blast several times, I really felt I was wasting my workout time. As well, it’s a bother to lug out all that equipment then only use it for five minutes.

Instructor Comments:
In this DVD, Tracey appears to be more interested in having fun with her gal pals than instructing and encouraging her viewers.