Exhale Core Fusion Pilates Plus & Body Sculpt

Elisabeth Halfpapp, Fred DeVito
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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Each dvd in this 2 dvd series contains 5, 10 minute workouts. You can perform your perfect combination by doing any segments of your choice or decide to do the entire workout for a total body blast.

Great production values. Elizabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito co-instruct and provide detailed cues. (one offering modications if necessary for beginners)

Pilates Plus:

Upper Body Core: You'll sculpt the arms, especially the biceps, triceps and shoulders. You'll begin with a quick warmup of high knees. (in the Pilates Plus workout, each segment begins with this same warmup--if doing more than one segment you could probably fast forward through the additional warmups) Next you'll warm the core with several versions of the plank. Progressing from the plank, you'll move into pushups (working the entire upper body). The next move works the triceps. You'll perform either a bent knee or straight leg dip. A belt or towel is used (optional) to stretch out the muscles & finish the segment.

Thigh and Gluteus Core: Thigh dancing begins the workout. (you'll perform various movements of this including twists) These exercises will tighten the thighs and tone the obliques. A thigh stretch follows. Cat/cow is performed next followed by tiny leg lifts. (performed using straight & bent legs) A nice stretch completes this segment.

Flat Back/Round Back Core: Sitting upright you'll lift one leg (or both) at a time then you'll do open and close legs. Again with abs contracted you'll then turn out the legs and continue to perform the raises & open/closes. Next variation is straight leg. After this you'll move against a wall and repeat the various sequences. Then you'll move into a round back position against the wall and perform hamstring stretches. Next, maintaining round back against wall, you'll do leg lifts. Hug knees to chest and then finish with another deep hamstring stretch.

Pure Core: Roll downs/ups begin. You'll perform them with straight legs then again with knees kept bent. Deep core holds with arm pumps will really work the abdominals. Lots of variety; small tight pulses with more traditional pilates work the deeper muscles of the abdominals and develop nice tone.

Core Flexibility: Great yoga inspired stretches will increase flexibility (and make you feel great). The use of a strap is optional.

Body Sculpt:

Upper Body Sculpt: (in Body Sculpt there is only 1 warmup which is done here and no other segments contain it. It is the same high knees/swinging arms shown from the previous dvd) You'll use very light weights to develop tone in the upper body. The exercises are more traditional with a "twist"-you'll pulse and really tighten the muscle for added benefit. Triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest and back are all trained. The weights are light, the movements are small but you will feel it the next day!

Thigh Sculpt: Develop long, lean thigh muscles with this segment. Using a chair, you'll perform various lifts, pulses, squats and plies. (very ballet inspired) Deep stretches on the floor finish this segment.

Gluteus Sculpt: Again using a chair, you'll perform lots of leg lifts with tiny pulses. These really work the glute tie in area. (the area where the glute & the top of legs meet) You'll then stretch the hips with some hip openers.

Abdominal Sculpt: This ab segment is done with feet placed against the wall. You'll maintain lengthy crunch holds which strengthen the abdominals. The obliques are also worked in this fashion. (definitely harder than it looks)

Stretch Sculpt: A wonderful flexibility segment that releases the muscles and helps relax the mind. A strap is optional for some of the poses.

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