URX-MT: Boot Camp Metabolic Interval

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

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This is the second URX work out I've tried. This work out is led by Amy Bento. Here are my thoughts on it (I won't bother breaking it down because I'm not good at that). First off, Amy is trying way way way to hard to be Bad-ass in this. It's awkward, and she swears a few times to really show "she's bad" and it just comes off as annoying, and not something I'd be thrilled to have my kids repeating. Things like "Hell yah ladies!" (nothing like the f-bomb or anything, but still not needed). What really bothered me about this work out is it didn't feel safe. I'm a very advanced level of home exerciser, and the intensity isn't the issue for me. What was really hard for me was I have a jump-sport 360 rebounder, and it's very tall. Some of the moves require you to be doing burpies where you thrust your legs ON to the rebounder. I just couldn't do this safely I felt like. A lot of the side jump moves were VERY hard to do safely at the set pace. Also one of the moves has you doing a plank/row. One hand is on the rebounder, while the other hand is lifting weights. This wasn't a huge problem till she had you lifting your opposite leg. My back started freaking out no matter how much I held my core in. This just felt very unsafe. Most things felt a little iffy on the safety front. Just because you have a rebounder doesn't make things safe!!!

I would give this work out a solid D. You could do it a bunch of times so you learned it, turn off the sound, and modify to make it safe and I'm sure it would be fine, but that's what it would take to make it a doable workout.

Instructor Comments:
Amy swears, cues poorly, and doesn't even do half the work outs. I was very disappointed in her. Her non-stop chatter wasn't encouraging or cute. It came off as annoying. I've done other work outs by her, and this is a very different Amy. She seemed unprofessional and frankly not in as good of shape as her background girls.



This is a 52 minute strength (mostly lower body) & plyo workout led by Keli in a nice gym w/ brick walls. Keli works out with 3 backgrounders. You will need a rebounder and a set of 1-3 pound sand weights for this workout- I used 3#'s with this as opposed to the 1#ers I have been using and it REALLY upped the intensity for me!

Keli structures this w/o that you do 1 set of exercises 2 times each. Each set contains a strength move that she then turns into a cardio move and then into a plyo move. Really enjoyed how this was structured as I could feel my muscles being worked in the cardio as well since the cardio exercises were the same base exercise as the previous strength exercise. You use the sand weights for the majority of the workout and will be on and off the UR but in a safe way and the level changes really UP the intensity!

Exercises Include: lunge up and back on the UR, jump onto the UR and step off, around the world stomps, weighted squat series w/ big arms, jump up to the UR-turn around- jump off- turn around-repeat, tuck jumps, squats w/ 1 leg off- then both feet on- then the other leg off, plyo squats across & over the UR, lunge & row- to plyo lunge, repeater, diagonal lunge w/ diagonal arms - diagonal cardio lunge- diagonal plyos, squat w/ a side leg lift & shoulder raise to pendulum, and core work: reverse curl, reverse curl- leg extensions, bridge & single leg bridge, and concludes with a stretch.

I'm going to rate this one advanced- Im not sure if it was just the heavier weights or if this one is just tougher than the rest. I was dripping with sweat right away!!! While Keli adds in plenty of good arm movements I didnt really feel any upper body work (only using 3#'s) but with my body weight, the G-force, and the 3# weights I def felt my lower body being worked. Doing strength work on the UR definitely adds in a balance challenge and really hits your core. Loved the plyo moves- they really got my heartrate got WAY up there and the multi limb strength work kept it up through the entirety! LOVED this one!! Received this dvd to review.