URX-MT: Maximum Metabolic Interval

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

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Keli leads this 49 minute cardio & strength interval w/o with 3 b/g'ers (one of them is JoJo from the original UR w/o's). The set is a nice gym with brick walls. You will need a rebounder and 1-3 # sand weights for the workout.

The workout is structured that you do a strength exercise followed by a cardio exercise and then repeat that set one time. Keli does a good job of adding in fun new arm movements to make the workout interesting and to get that heart pumping. After a quick warmup you move into the intervals and the workout concludes with a lying section & stretch. I find stepping on and off the UR very similar to stepping onto and off a step bench-no problems here! You use the weights for the majority of the exercises :)

Exercises include: balance deadlift & row, side leg lift & bi curl, wide & narrow cross country skiing, weighted hover squats onto the UR & clean & press, jump on the UR and step off, side lunge into upright row & balance knee, skater leaps onto the UR w/ a torso twist, elevator planks (elbows & hands on UR), burpee w/ squats, plyo elevator planks, 1 legged burpees, 1 legged pushups, curtsy (1 leg off UR) w/ a balance knee & row, plyo curtsy & knee up, jack & hi jumps, 1 arm pec fly w/ knee drops, plank moguls, twisting planks, and a stretch.

I used 1# weights for this workout and found it to be a solid/high intermediate that included some more advanced moves as well. Keli is a great lead and provides excellent form pointers throughout. This workout was enjoyable and I cant wait to try it again with the heavier 3# weights next go round. The lower body is worked more than the upper body because of the light poundage- but Keli includes some challenging pushup/ plank, burpee type moves that hit definitely hit the upper body. I received this dvd to review.