URX-MT: Metabolic Interval & Circuits

Gregg Cook
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

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Gregg leads this 49 minute workout in a brick walled gym w/ 3 b/g exercisers. There are a few strength moves, most of them being core work but the focus is cardio. You will need 1-3 # sandweights and your Urban Rebounder.

Gregg adds in 30 - 60 second power moves to this already intense cardio workout. You perform a set of exercises repeated with varying intensity and modifications for the majority of this workout. Gregg really varies the intensity and pace of each exercise so though the routine is repeated I was not at all bored- I was a bit too busy sweating & breathing heavy anyways! Gregg does a great job of keeping you moving- the pace is great and my heart rate really got up there. A lot of the arm movements are fresh and they all got my heart pumping. The addition of sand weights really upped the cardio effect.

Exercises include: plank & side plank off the UR, plyo pushups (really got my HR up!), jog, sprints, 180 jumps w/ a jab, single leg bridge, delayed jog, split dips w/ arm movements, jack & chop, side chop w/ a basic bounce, planks w/ arms on UR, lots of powerful arm movements while bouncing and finishes with core work: spiderman pushups w/ toes on UR, clam crunches w/ pec fly, long leg drops w/ the weights between your feet, weighted sit up toe touches, and a balancing core move on the UR.

I rate this an advanced cardio workout! Gregg's cuing & energy are great. I like him as a lead. While you are on and off the UR you are not jumping or stepping off it at all- just down on the floor/ UR for planks, bridges, etc. You will need some room around your UR for this one. Great workout -challenging & fun!!! Cant wait to try more from Gregg! Received this dvd to review.